Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time To Move On To New Digs

As of August 1st, if all goes right, I will be signing a new lease for
a great house one block from my store. I have been renting the house
I am in now for exactly 5 years and got halfway through painting the
walls, wallpapering, having custom drapes made, etc.

The living room that I painted, the walls were peach, the drapes I had adjusted to fit
the windows. The hall way I never got to wallpaper. The dining room I painted last
summer and pulled up the nasty carpet. And the kitchen I painted and had custom
window treatments made for.

 The den I painted a couple of summers ago, sorry for the boxes and cleaning products,
I am packing and cleaning as I go. I wanted to take pictures for my memory files so they
are not photoshopped, not that I know how to do that. The den i s dark, I wanted warm
jewel tones, will go lighter next time. The bathroom I papered to hide the ugly tile and the
that had great views of my garden. I will take outside pictures before I move.
 Here are pictures of the new house. This house is on Beverley Street in the Gospel Hill
District of Staunton. The house is an old Victorian on a hill and has three stories. I took
a few pictures on my first walk through.

This house has a great front yard, very little grass with a lot of front yard gardens.

This house is less rent, comes with beautiful features and is a grand dame of a house. It
needs a little painting on the inside and a decorators touch. The house will be on the market
while we live in it, but it is rarely shown and has been on the market for 5 years. My daughter
Ellie and I used to drive by it when we first moved here and would say, I want to live there.
I will post more pictures soon. This story is to be continued and a few more pics......

Friday, June 21, 2013

Outdoor Furniture and Outdoor Fabrics

Years ago when I was in my twenties, I bought this wrought iron table with four
matching chairs for my courtyard garden at my home in the fan district in Richmond.
When I moved to the country I bought the teak table I have now and gave the set
to my sister to use. She now has a pretty white outdoor table set that I found for her
last year and she brought me my old set  to sell here at the store. The chairs acme first
and the table came a couple of months later. Of course the chairs sold right away, so when
the table came it sat all alone upstairs and didn't sell. At the end of last year, while walking Elfie
in my neighborhood I came across the wrought iron chairs with broken seat, three not four.
I took Elfie home, got my car keys and flew up the street and packed the chairs in my car.
What a find and free no less.

The chairs were white,so I had my intern spray paint them a shiny black with Krylon's
Acrylic Latex Enamel Indoor/Outdoor Gloss  Paint and painted the table in the same style.
The chairs had a nice edge all the way around each seat, so I figured that I could have a piece 
of plywood cut to fit the shape of the seat and put to a piece of foam on top of each seat and
cover them with an indoor/outdoor fabric and screw the seat to the broken mess to hold it in

 I love the Waverly quilted fabric I choose, I love blue and white and blacks together.
The whole set sold on Wednesday and I did almost  everything myself to save money.
The chairs ivy pattern is a little different from the tables pattern, but once they are all
painted the same color and texture, they work. Later on I will show you the big pair of
wrought iron arm chairs I plan to paint next. This time I will try to remember to do before
and after photos.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fresh Flowers From My Garden

Today I brought in fresh flowers from garden for the store. I have a big
meeting in here at one o'clock and thought some fresh flowers would look
nice on my counter.

It is the last of my peonies and my columbine : (

The Honeysuckle, Delphinium and Coneflower are in full bloom.
Thanks for letting me share my flowers with you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Artist In This Week

Another new artist came in to my store this week! Jenna Frank has
been painting for about two years now. She is a self taught painter,
and really has an eye for color........

 If you are traveling this summer through the lovely state of Virginia, please stop by my store
to see this art work.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Work By The Artist Jennet Inglis

Friday, my new feature artist, Jennet Inglis brought a great deal of work
into my store for me to sell A real nice selection of animal art, florals and
scenic paintings. Oils, pastels and watercolors. I will let the pictures speak
for themselves.

Jennet is from New York and studied at Smith College and The University of New Mexico
She has shown nationally and internationally.

Jennet lives in Staunton and has a studio here. She is showing in my store for 6 months and
this is a small fraction of her work.