Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby It's Cold Out Side

This week has been a real eye opener. Monday it felt like a
Spring day, I was busy in the store and sold items on my Ebay
site and my Etsy site. I new the snow storm was coming so I headed
to the UPS store and got my package out to Arizona to get it going
the opposite way of the storm. I made sure I had plenty of fruit, coffee,
soup mixes, and basic items in the kitchen in case I got snowed in. I got up
early Tuesday to get ready for a possible drapery installation. At 7:00 am
looked out the window, dark, cloudy and no snow. I got in the shower to
get ready and heard Elfie barking, barking alot. Came out to see what the
fuss was all about and this is what I saw.....

So, the drapery installation was canceled, I made some more coffee and started to
plan my day, do to the situation at hand.  I watched a couple of talk shows and went
on line. I figured I had to get to the store to catch the postman to send out two packages
to California, since I couldn't mail them Monday, MLK day, no mail right. I had two
questions on Etsy about items in my store that I couldn't answer from home. So Elfie and
I made the trip in on foot. A friend had cleared the side walk off in front of my store, +1,
answered the Etsy questions, had some customers and caught up with the post man. Went
back home at 3:00 pm to this......

I left out the picture of my car which is totally snowed in, I will have to close up early
today to go back and dig it out before the next snow storm hits tomorrow. I do have
the drapery installation rescheduled for tomorrow of course, lets see if that happens!

Monday, January 20, 2014

January Updates

Here we are in the middle and close to the end of
January, with another snow storm tomorrow. So here
is what I have been doing to stay warm.....

Making pillows with discontinued samples and extra fabric scraps.

Changed the windows around with bright pinks and reds for Valentines Day
and high lighted some new pieces that came in and added a few bright
pieces to cheer up the windows a bit. Already had a few people comment on the
change and it is a great way to sell, the windows always sell! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold Snap -10 Degrees Below

Last night I took a picture of the sky before I left the house
for a meeting.
The dark clouds were rolling in just to let us know what was on it's way. Here are snaps
of the windows upstairs the next morning. This is what -10 degrees below looks like.

Elfie loves to photo bomb my pictures. This is the front halls window seat. I love the pattern
the frost makes on the window. Please do not look at the fact that Elfie has slobbered all
over the window.

These pictures are of the windows in front of me dressing table and one of my side
window. I have these stunning views ever morning. The views of the mountains and the
downtown buildings appear in a whole new light with the frosty windows. And here is
what was waiting for me at the store.

Today -10 below and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 30's. Can't wait for that.
Oh, and yesterday I cleaned the inside windows which now I can't see out of. I have
been pretty busy today believe it or not. Maybe tomorrow I will clean the outside windows
in the tropical weather.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Saying Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to 2014

Here is a brief recap of my week in the last
days of 2013 and the new days of 2014.

Sold the beautiful butlers secretary that I bought at Class and Trash outside of
Richmond a couple of years ago.
All week-

Started making pillows out of discontinued fabrics samples and ploy/down forms from

I have started listing on Ebay again, last year in December, I sold a lot
of big pieces of furniture in December 2012, this December, not so much.
I have a store full of furniture and it  is not selling on Etsy, so I am now listing
more one of a kind antique pieces on Ebay to drum up some sales. So far it's
working and this will help get me through the slow months of winter. This is a
French Rosewood Ladies Dressing Table on my Ebay site under Margaret McElroy.
New Years Day-

The pretty amaryllis my sister gave me for Christmas is blooming, love the candy
cane colors.
This Sunday-

I will say goodbye to my Christmas decorations, I have them all around the
house, so it takes me a while to find ever decoration. It is a task that really puts
me in a bad mood. Monday I will start in the store taking the decorations down
and putting things on a sale table. Happy New Year!