Monday, August 31, 2015

Second Part of Staging The Bunkhouse at The Villages

The second part of my staging job at The Villages here
in Staunton was The Bunkhouse.  The Bunkhouse is the
living area above the leasing office that is used for employees
visiting over night.

There is one long hallway with several bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.
Not sure what it was used for when it was Western State Hospital, maybe a dorm
for the staff.

I had plenty of furniture to choose from, these pieces were pulled from staged
units that have sold or are rented. Fun project to work on. The guys that helped
me place all the furniture will treak this area, like raise all the pictures that are hung
to low.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Staging at The Villages at Staunton

Today I finished a three part project of staging #203 The Bindery Condominium
at The Villages at Staunton. The first step was a quick staging in a two hour time
from, then a walk through with the owner Robin Miller, to see what else he wanted
done. And today was a finishing up before all the investors arrive tomorrow. Here is
what it looks like.

You are looking at an open floor plan with an entry way that opens up into one
big floor plan. Alcoves set off different seating areas with a bright living room, a
dining room and a sun room. We started off by using there beautiful Oriental Rugs
to divide up the spaces. The owner has several of these projects in Virginia and a
previous decorator did the staging jobs for them, so I have a dairy barn on site full
of goodies to choose from. I tried to pick the best furniture and accessories for this

I did purchase the bedding at Ross for Less, need to go there more often, $30.00 for
a six piece Queen Set!

I used the reds, golds and creams for the accent colors and browns and blacks
for the furniture colors. All this blends well with the gorgeous Oriental rugs. I
tried to mix the furniture styles up a little bit to make it relaxed and inviting. I had
great pieces to choose from!

 The condo has beautiful big windows that let in lots of light and great views of
downtown Staunton and the old buildings of The Western State Hospital. Next post,
the Bunk House staging at The Villages.