Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Small Gathering at The Dixie Theater

Monday night I sponsored a small gathering at The Dixie Theater here in Staunton.
You have seen me post events for The Dixie Theater, Staunton Performing Arts and PAC'n
the Streets in the past. All these posts have been about raising awareness and the vision of
opening the theater back to it's glory. This was a small group of people that I know that would
be great to come and listen to Pam and Thom Wagner, new to Staunton and film directors, see for more on Pam and Thom, talk to a group of about ten people, music and theater people and their friend along with store owners on Beverley Street
about their vision for the theater and the adjoining building, The Arcadia Building. I spent Sunday
and Monday putting together a menu, old school finger food, and loaded my car to drive maybe
10 blocks to the theater.

  Flowers riding shot gun in the car, the theater has been closed up for some time and
is a little musty. The lilies will mask that.
Beverages in coolers and iced down and on their way.
A tray of food trays and bowls ride in the back seat on their way to the event.

Setting up an inviting spread for the people attending this event, sorry that I left the plastic
wrap on. Healthy finger food with flowers, candles and a table cloth. Not shown are the
wines and other beverages.
 This is a side shot of The Dixie Theater, i wanted to have the event here because of
the presence of this building dating back to 1913.

 Setting up the event for the speakers and a glimpse of the old Art Deco light fixtures. This
is one project that is dear to my heart. To follow the progress of this project, go to the Facebook
Pages of The Staunton Performing Arts and #CREATEstaunton. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Stuarts Draft Antique Mall and More

Monday after my decorating job in Stuarts Draft, I headed over to one
of my favorite haunts. the Stuarts Draft Antique Mall. I was in search of
some good finds, sometimes even a booth with a good sale. Here is what
I found;
A beautiful Wedgewood & Barlaston of Etruria hand painted tray from England. It is
hanging now in my bedroom.
A pretty tole violets, hand painted and on a rock. It will be listed on Ebay.

A hand painted cup and saucer, Rosina Bone China from England, as a Mother's Day
gift for my Mom. Love the tulips.
A hand painted small tureen with fruit on top and a blue flower pattern.
An interesting pattern Majolica plate to add to my collection.

A Dresden cup and saucer to add to my collection of plates that I have in my English cabinet.

I finally broke down and purchased a copy of a French Bistro from the company that I
carry, Coaster  Furniture, they call it a kitchen island, I call it beautiful. It has a faux marble
top with a metal base and tray. I also purchased the counter stools. I needed more counter space
for prep work and this is perfect, the old table and chairs was perfect for my last tiny kitchen, but
got lost in this one. It went into my space at Queen City Marketplace.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Easter Sunday and Spring Decorating

I was lucky enough to have Spring Sunday off, so Mandy and I
headed down to Richmond to see my children. My daughter Ellie
bought a new house so we met there to see what she had done.
Very cute brick house in Henrico that she is renovating with her boyfriend Wes. My
son Edmund also showed up with his dad and we sat down and had a nice time catching
up. Then it was on to my sisters to celebrate Easter with my family. Monday I went back
to my clients house in the fan to remeasure some windows and hang her shades in her kitchen.
I left there and Mandy and I had a great time in one of my favorite haunts, Class and Trash at
Scott's Addition.  I saw a lot that I liked, but came home with another pair or French Arm Chairs,
see last years post at Easter to see the pair I brought home last time.
These two are a pretty shape, with old silk fabric and worn arms. They will hang out
with me until I can figure out what I want to do with them. I moved the 5 leg French chair
to my bedroom and really love it there.
I wanted a little color behind my sad rental stove and found this cute bird plate to hang there.
I planted some pansies in my urns last week and got out my spring wreath for the front

Despite the resent snow and the maybe snow tomorrow, my Hydrangeas are coming up.
Next post will be that spring is finally here!