Monday, August 27, 2018

Fabrics for My Client

I am meeting my client in future home to pick out fabrics for the kitchen.
The cabinets have been painted a robins egg blue, the counter tops are a
blue grey soap stone and the tile are white. Oh, and to throw a wrench in it,
she picked out an apple design tile feature to hang over the stove. She said that
she wanted a leafy green pattern.

This is the first group of fabrics that I have pulled for her. I pulled the yellowish fabric out in the
bottom picture and the purple flower one in the middle picture to narrow it down.

So this is the second choice for her, I removed a few and added a few. So they were either to
big a print or too busy. Too green or too cutesie.

The pretty Beacon Hill blueish leaf embroidered pattern on white in the center of the called
Ava Vine in Surf. It the color of the cabinets and looks beautiful on the windows. We will do
a valance over the sink and a roman shade in the breakfast nook.

Monday, August 20, 2018

What I Have Been Working On Lately

I am winding down August with a few new projects. I was having lunch with my
Mom a couple of weeks ago and popped into the SPCA's Benefit Shop and saw a
few things that caught my eye. I went back last week to take a look again with hopes
of finding some things I saw to list on Ebay. This is what I came home with.....
 Hand painted Asian jewelry box with satin lining and brass hinges.
Hand painted high tea cups and plates.

A set of yellow cabbage leaf china from Portugal, $5.00 for the set.
On another note, a couple of years ago, I was given some furniture from a realtor who
no longer had the space to store it for staging. They were both in pretty bad shape so I
thought painting them would hide a the damage parts.

The mirror had a big chip on the corner, I used Waverly chalk paint in White to cover the mirror and
make the corner less noticeable, it has good bones.

This piece had some damage to the top and edges, I took the sewing machine out and
sanded the piece before painting it with Valspar Project Perfect Durable latex Enamel in Black Gloss.
I may add gold to the molding detail to the door and knob. It feels good to get these pieces done and
out for sale in my booth. I went by Michaels to pick up some wreaths and garland and then the Dollar Tree for ribbon and flowers and feathers for my Fall wreath project.

I used grape vine wreaths, a mushroom and berry garland with burlap flowers, pheasant feathers and
a little bird. One will go on my door next month and the other will be in my booth. And on a last
note, a few pictures of my flowers, these I planted from seed, so they are late bloomers.


The foxglove in the middle is not from seed, it is a biannual.

The Cleome is a flower that I love and the Hollyhock will reseed itself, you can see those little
brown round buds full of seeds. Looking forward to Fall, my favorite time of year.

Monday, August 6, 2018

The Staunton Antique Center

I am a half a month into my new Antique spaces at the Staunton Antique Center, and I
have already sold the white French Style table with the marble top. So, I rearranged some
of my side tables at home and brought in a new table.
 I also brought in the white coffee table that I painted with chalk paint.
I really need to bring in a rug to cover the linoleum floor. I am not sure which one I want
to bring in. But my sales are already really good and my space looks full and good.

I kept the other white table that I painted and placed it in my guest room. It looks great
next to the twin beds.

 Happy Monday, it's a hot one.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wearing Many Hats

For those of you that know me well, you know that I wear a lot of hats. I have a steady part time job
in Waynesboro at Anne Arden Under the Roof as a designer and a sales person. I worked two days
a week at Queen City Marketplace to help pay for my spaces until that ended with the owners demise and I have had a decorating business for over a decade now. I also have an Ebay shop and Etsy shop.
On my days off, wish went from one to now three, I am out on the hunt for items to resell. With my
new space at Staunton Antique Center, I am on the look out for tables. So here is what i found today....
This oval wood table will be just what I needed to go in front of my sofa in my new space. I am
giving it a couple of coats of chalk paint.

 The little bedside table is not old, not solid wood, but it had so much going on for it that I
couldn't resist. Love the detail. I also used the Martha Stewart Chalk Paint in White on this.
I also found this bottomless old world birdcage and retro gold mirror.
And two pretty pieces, a ceramic pitcher hand painted in Deruta Italy and an Asain vase with grapes.

Along with a pair of silk is custom made drapes to list to one of my on line shops.
On a decorating note, I have been wanting to replace the sisal rug in my kitchen. Sisal's are great rugs because they are all natural, you can hose them down for cleaning and they are a neutral color. This rug I had purchased years ago for my den,it moved with me from house to house and ended up in the kitchen here. It was too small for the space, everything fell into the weave and it sheds, yuck! So I
have been looking at rugs everywhere, on line, in stores, I just needed to make a move. This is the first one I saw that I liked and I broke down and went back to get it. It is very bold for me but I love it.

  For you of you that don't know that this is a rental house, the kitchen is large, but ugly.
Dark nasty wood cabinets, old appliances, and broken tile floor. This rug hides a lot and adds
some umph. The rug is from Walmart, is heavy duty and stain resistant. As a celebration of this new
look, I made refrigerator pickles to give away as gifts. Bam!