Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thrift Store Finds

I love shopping the thrift stores. What people give away is a hidden jewel
to me. Years of working retail, growing up surrounded by beautiful things
has given me the eye to spot the thing that are worth more than you would
think. Here are a few of my new finds:

They have already paid for themselves with the sale of one piece.
 Very large Henredon sofa purchased from a local church that posted it on Facebook,
look at my Instagram pictures for me trying to fit it in my car. It sold in one week in my
Old school solid brass sconces, love anything in pairs.

And a beautiful new chandelier right out of the box. Love me some good finds!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Easter Visit to Richmond

 On Easter Sunday, Mandy and I drove to Richmond to send
the night with my sister and her family. She had a wonderful
dinner and relatives and siblings came over for a fun night with
a lot of catching up and lots of laughs.

 Monday we ventured over to see a few thrift stores that had just
moved over to an area called Scott's Addition off the Boulevard.
One store that was open was Class and Trash, a place that I have
blogged about, I bought a lot of things from there  Hanover store.
And again, they did not disappoint, I found a pair of French Chairs
for a song of a price.

We had a fun day shopping new and old haunts. The last stop we made before I
headed home was to one of my favorite shopping places, Impulse, a favorite consignment
shop near my old house in Richmond. It is bigger and better than ever, and I found a
piece that I couldn't resist.

I sold my painted buffet recently at Queen City Marketplace and needed another
one for the store to replace it. We have people asking for them all the time, so I
took my old one in and kept the new one, basically the same price for each just
one is much better looking.
The old one I bought a couple of years ago from Alexander's Auction House.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Furnishing a Clubhouse in Harrisonburg

This was my third job for this apartment rental company in Harrisonburg.
This time they asked me to help them furnish a clubhouse that they are building,
this will be the offices for the people that will be leasing the apartments, a space for the
renters to workout, free printing and a space to work on their computers and a great place
to hang out. This all started one year ago in march of 2016 and finished one year later,
one long year later. As we got closer to a finish date, I had all the furniture delivered to
a storage unit where I could go up on my days off and put the furniture together.

This space was dusty, dark and the air was limited. I put together what I could, but the
bigger pieces will have to wait until they can be put together in the clubhouse itself.

Did I mention that these pieces had to be put together, by me, by myself. We are talking
desks, counter, bar and dining chairs, tables, side and cocktail. Four rooms of furniture.
Love these chairs, great colors and great fabric, very sophisticated.
Very surprised at the good quality frames, this is my first time using this company, Coaster
Rental persons desk and dining chairs in the back ground. And the clubhouse in progress.

The desk is missing the right turn which came later
along with the second club chair and one leg to a table. I helped with the paint colors and the
flooring. I think I will stick to residential, they make nicer clients.

The staff picked the rug and curtains, not my style. What a great space for the renters.