Monday, March 27, 2017

New Season of Bravo's Southern Charm

With the new season of Bravo's southern charm starting April 3rd.
I get to see the beautiful historic home of Patricia Altschul designed
by the Prince of Chintz Mario Buatta.
Who cares about the
drunken antics of the shows characters when we get to see this beautifully decorated
 I f you have ever been to
Charleston, you have seen this house when you do a carriage ride tour, but now we get
to see the inside.
The colors are stunning
in every room.

And her beautiful bedroom in blue and white by Manuel Canovas.
This is how to live
in beauty and luxury.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ebay Retro Furry Vanity Stool Before and After

I bought a furry retro gold vanity stool on Ebay because I wanted
to create my own stool after seeing this stool on West Elm's website.
So this stool is covered in Mongolian Lamb and runs around $200. I found this
stool on Ebay for $25.00.
 The fake shag fur on top of the stool was nasty and possibly contained some
bugs and the foam was yellow and old. Pricing on Mongolian Lamb Fur for the
top was outrageous and a fake fur version on which was reasonable, but
I came across a beautiful Vervian Discontinued Fabric Sample and I thought, free and
pretty, so I could save some money. I purchased foam blocks from Walmart along with
gold spray paint to give it a clean look and this is what came out........

Please excuse the Hall rug, I was trying to take the picture in the brightest spot.