Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our First Big Snow

Yesterday, we had our first big snow. It started about 10:30 and it came fast.
We had lucked out on all the snow that hit up north, I was keeping my fingers
crossed that we would make it to Spring without big snow fall. I left work and
headed my car in the parking lot. Cars were sliding everywhere. My plan was
to drive two blocks to the Stonewall Jackson's Parking Garage and leave my car
overnight. Drove straight there, no hills, no turns and made it safe and sound.
Walked another two blocks home and hunkered down for the big snow.

 What a difference a day makes, came out about noon to take pictures and shovel my
way out. To keep the kitchen warm, I made Oatmeal Peanutty Cookie treats and a clear
broth soup with fresh herds celery and garlic.

 These treats will give me energy to go get my car out of the garage and to dig out
a place to put it in front of the house so that I can get to work tomorrow. Kind of
nice to have a snowcation day!