Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Son Edmund's Graduation From Goochland High School

Friday was my son Edmund's graduation from Goochland High School.
When he was 16, he asked me if he could go live with his Dad, he went
from a mama's boy to a big strapping football player that hunts, fishes and
is a big help to his Dad on their farm. Goochland High School was a perfect
fit. He graduated with honors and will attend VMI in the fall. Notice his bow
tie! Very proud day for me.....

Edmund Randolph McElroy Graduate of Goochland High School 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flowers In The Yard

Yesterday afternoon I went around and took pictures of the
flowers in my yard. I also picked a bunch for my bedroom
before the Peonies are all gone.....

The Larkspur is from my old house, I saved the seeds and will do it again when I move.
The house I rent has sold to a rent to own couple who is coming in in September.

The Canterbury Bells and the Bachelors Buttons came from the Farmers Market
last Spring.

The Knock Out Rose Bush and the Delphinium I bought at Lowes last year and
will put in containers and take with me.

Volunteer Poppy, Lily and loads of Lambs Ear. Pictures of the flowers in my bedroom.

Will update you on my move when I know were I am going, lots of possibilities!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sweet Briar College Graduation 2015

On Saturday, May 21st, I ventured down to Amherst Virginia
for my daughter, Ellie's graduation from Sweet Briar College.
Ellie was a Junior, but graduated early because the school will
close in August due to financial reasons. Ellie was able to get
her diploma early and will finish up over summer school. She
only needed 3 credits, she has found an apartment and a job for
the fall. So this was a happy day and a said day. But we all came
together to celebrate.

 All the grandparents come, bothers, parents, friends and boyfriends. There was a
big party for Ellie at her grandparent's farm which was attended by the rest of the family.

Edmund's graduation from high school is next Friday and he starts VMI in the fall.
So more to come.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun Times at Queen City Marketplace

Things are changing again at Queen City Marketplace, we moved the spaces
around. Fresh look and new items......
The garden section was moved to the first floor.

I changed my window to feature a dining room table display, always worked
at the other location!

My second space on the main floor got a much needed move...

And we expanded the Fabric/Sewing section on the second floor....

Come by to see our New Look!