Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring Merchandise Slowly Coming In

Yesterday it was 70 degrees and I had the door to my store open.
Today it is 33 degrees, feels like 12 below, and it's snowing. To make
things brighter, spring merchandise is arriving each day. My back room
is packed with empty boxes, cardboard pick-up is Friday, and my
wardrobe is stuffed with packing paper to wrap precious purchases

or to protect things I ship out that sell on Etsy. Pretty flowers, pretty colors and fun
garden ideas.

Love the glitter snail magnet, metal flowers and the art work.

The Queen Anne's Lace metal wall art reminds me of the '70's and the Royal Gate on Board as
well as the bird on board art work I have carried before. The white pagoda and big candlestick
I bought just because I wanted to, so Chinoiserie!

Last Rooms For My Big Design Job

I just hung the second to last room of draperies at my neighbors house, ten rooms in all.
I helped her pick out almost all of her paint colors, fabrics for her furnishings, wallpapers,
internet furnishings, things from my store, revamped her needlepoint pillows and ten rooms
of custom made window treatments. It has taken almost one year, one year of lots of fun!
Room nine's inspiration- Colefax and Fowler's Coral Tree

This is the larger guest room in the house. The fabric was perfect for the Oriental rug.

A sneak peak at the next and the last room in the house. Will post after pictures later.

Now posting pictures of the cornices I had made after they were hung and the two over sized
wing chairs I sold my client from my store. A perfect fit!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentines Day Window

Monday I closed up early and drove out towards Waynesboro to the
Fabric Warehouse to look for some red fabric to make a table cloth
for the front window. I am changing it to a Valentines Day window with
lots of red and pink. My girl Tamara was working there and we found the
fabric I had seen there this summer. What I had forgotten was that it was a
lush red silk /reversible with  a Greek key style Chinese symbol and was $39.95

a yard. Not in my budget. I did find this deep red upholstery weight  fabric for $8.00 a yard and for $15.00
for 4 yards, the yellow French Provencal print. I took the 4 yards of red and cut it in half to make to make
a 54"x72" long table cloth for the window.

Yesterday, I again closed up early to go pick something up and on my way I stopped by the
Habitat For Humanities guess what I found.....

This bench for $25 bucks and now I have a use for the French Provencal fabric. I will make
a box seat cushion and two side pillows.

And for another $25 bucks I got this desk for my back office, a much needed piece, 79" long,
for me to use as a place to sew and measure out fabric, etc.

Don't you love the turquoise/blue color with the gold trimmings? I saw more things in there that I liked
when I went back today to get the desk, I need to control myself. It is dangerous out there!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday Flea Market Shopping

Yesterday, after all my chores were done, I got in the car
and drove to my favorite flea market. I always find a steal
or two in this place. When I arrive at this place, I almost
had a heart attack. It did't look like it's usual junkie place.
There were no treasures out front, they were painting the
outside of the building when I entered they had cleaned the
whole place up. But as I started to go down each isle, I started
to find my little treasures and bargains.
I grabbed this cute little tiered table, nice wood finish with brass claw feet. It was a little
wobbly on the top, so I took the whole thing apart and re-screwed it back together again.
Still a little loose , but better than it was.
Beautiful English Iron Stone plates, love these, chips and all.
Love this floral covered vegetable dish made by an American company. Birdie likes
it too! And I have to show you these great objects of love that came in from the home
of clients mom  that passed away.

Judy said, "Mother just loved these things, but they are just not me!" I will find someone to
love them. You know me!

It makes me rethink some of those purchases I have made or the things I collect. What will
my children say when I am gone?

I kind of like the Pheasants in the picture above, I love my birds! :}0

Friday, January 18, 2013

What Do You Do When Spring Arrives In January

Today, Friday, January 18th, the UPS man brings me a large
box with new merchandise in it. I seriously do not remember
ordering this stuff. I do like it, don't get me wrong, but it's January,
we have skipped Valentines Day and gone right into Easter/ Spring.
I had to price it and hide it in the back room until the end of the month
when my sale is over.
                                                           Herb Marker Forks!!!!!

                                                      Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
                                                   Twig Birdcage and Butterfly Lanterns
                                                          Narcissus In Glass
                                                        Vintage Mirrored Candle Sconces
More good stuff to come in the next couple of weeks.......