Friday, July 20, 2018

Welcome to the Staunton Antique Center

Thursday was my move in date at the Staunton Antique Center.
I walked in to a lovely welcome sign. What a nice surprise and it gave me a warm and fuzzy
feeling. This space is similar in size to what I had out at the Factory. So I started the process
of bringing things in. It is nice to get my things back out again and I can gain my house back.

So by Friday I had my space looking pretty good, I am really loving the space and the business.
They play classic music, they have air conditioning and it is friendly and drama free.

It will be fun adding to the space as the weeks go by. Clean slate and a new space, stop by my space when you are in Staunton.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Moving On to a Better Antique Space

Horrible things have happened at my old Antique space at Queen City Market Place.
Starting with the owner, her husband was incarcerated, there was going to be no money
to run the store, she had been lying to us, her team, all along and I chose to turn my key
in and get out of there. I want nothing to do with someone who cannot be trusted and is
in a desperate state of mind. So now my old spaces are filling up my house while I move
on to a new space.

   So last I have been shopping around for a new space and fell in love with the Staunton
Antique Mall, just a block from my old space and a little more in keeping with my look.
I move in on Thursday, so the dining room has become my prep area for the big move in
I have a few new projects that I am working on to get ready for the new space.

I had one of my vintage plastic shade to my pair of lamps rip in the move out phase. I went to
Walmart to look for new shades and found way more than I bargained for.

I found new shades, new bows and a new trim, ric- rac. So cute and not plastic.
And i found Waverly chalk Paint for my french table that I found at the thrift store.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer Flowers In my Gardens

With all the rain we have had in my yard, my flowers are beautiful this summer. Some of the
flowers are from seed and some are from a bare root and there are the ones that came back from
last year. So here we go....
Salvia in my large urn with fresh herbs.
Geraniums and ivy in my urns that flank my front door.
Impatients in the plastic window boxes that I found in my garden shed.

Bachelor buttons in several colors.

Some type of purple flowers and a yellow Daisy.
Little white flowers and a Trumpet Flower,

Coreopsis and Cosmos, these guys get really big.

Queen Anne's Lace and new and old Yarrow in bath the front bed and my back bed.
Blue Bells and Hydrangea that come back each year. The Hydrangea has come with the to
the houses.

Geraniums and Day Lilies in pots on my steps.

Hollyhocks, snapdragons and existing flowers in my back garden. The rainy days are gone and
the heat is on.