Saturday, January 16, 2016

What's New in the Store

It is Saturday and I have to be at work soon, so I will make this
brief. Here is a quick look at what same into my spaces recently.

The stool that I posted before and after pictures of in my last post.

New cushion for my cane French Chair in a Robert Allen fabric scrapes I had
left over from another job.

This beautiful very long Antique Camel Back Sofa in a heavy pool velvet. A friend
sent me a text with a picture of this sofa that a friend of hers was trying to sell. My
upholsterer picked it up for me so I do not have before and afters.
Cute little Yellow Cane Chair with a bright floral sample fabric seat cover.

My auction purchases, an  Antique Round French Chair and a Faberge style
Tole Daffodil Lamp.
Hand Painted Asian Chinoiserie Black Laquer Mirror, sorry about the reflection
of the ugly rug.
Duralee Zsa  Zsa Fabric and ball trim for a needlepoint pillow project for a client.
More pictures of new things to come, there just never is enough time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Before and After of the Small Vintage Stool in a Floral Sunflower Stool

Before and After of the Small Vintage Stool in a Floral Sunflower Stool.
This is a stool that I bought at thrift shop and brought home to work on and
redo myself. Once I stripped it and stained the legs, I realized that Marvin, my
upholsterer needed  to do the work for me. I found the trim and fabric at Fabric
Warehouse in Harrisonburg. and here are pictures of the process....

Love the yellow, orange, red, and brown chenille fabric with the matching trim.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year, New Beginings

I always love a New Year, last year I had a lot of changes,
all for good reasons. I closed my shop down after six years
of trying to do it on my own, I moved to Queen City Market
place with a couple of good spaces for my business and took
a space out at the Factory Antique Mall in Verona. I work a
couple of days at QCM and in the fall took a part time job at
with a high end mattress company. And I have a few days off to
spend some time finding new things to sell. I moved to a smaller
space, less expensive and in August my car died. I spent a small
fortune to fix it with the hopes of keeping it a little longer.

  So after a quiet New Year, I worked, and we are now into the second
week of January, things are already looking up. I sole my Duncan Phyfe
sofa, my before and after story here on the blog,  and the buyer saw it here
on the blog and drove over from Charlottesville to get it. Yes people do read
my blog. I received a nice inheritance check and I have been asked to come back
and do some decorating for the Campus View Apartments with Matchbox Realty.
This will be my third time or job with them.

  All this means that I am spending more time in my car, driving to Verona, driving
to Harrisonburg, driving my son back to VMI, driving to the mall to the mattress store.
Even though I had my 2001 Volvo fixed, I did not feel safe driving it. I had trouble
getting it started, it was stalling on me and it was like driving a rattling tin can. I threw
caution into the wind and after a lot of thought I took a trip over to Valley Subaru.

I traded in my beloved Volvo in for a Subaru Crosstreck. I wanted the same size
car but to be up a little higher, four wheel drive, and a really cool looking car.
They didn't much for my car, but I got a great deal on this car. So far 2016 looks
promising. Happy New Year.