Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Will We Ever See Spring

This past weekend I found this bunch of Daffodils at the grocery store. I am so ready
for Spring, I want a yard full of flowers, I want to grow them, see them coming up in
my yard. I get at least 5 flower and vegetable emails or catalogs daily, but I know that
winter is not over.
I found this beautiful 5 legged French Chair at our Habitat Restore for a song
and I plan on recovering it and putting it in my bedroom.
It has beautiful details.
This velvet French slipper chair I bought from Habitat years ago and left it
as is because I saw on on Etsy that looked just like this one and it was pricey.
It has become loose on the back from being in my spaces and I plan on tightening
it and recovering it.
I bought this sewing table from the Mission Thrift and chose an enamel paint in
a crazy yellow, what was I thinking. It takes forever to dry, four coats later!!!!
This is my car this morning through my screen door, it started snowing late last night
and we woke up to 10-12".  Say it's not snow.
Here is my car this afternoon after they plowed my street and I dug myself out so that
I could run to the store. They are calling for more snow this weekend. Were is Spring?

Friday, March 9, 2018

New Painting, Pillows and a Floor Move for My Spaces

I finished another painting I copied from a picture posted on Facebook. It is a
sunset reflected in a pond.
I made two lumbar pillows with discontinued fabric samples, one a Rose Cummings and
another is a Kravet. Love the elephant. 

And yesterday, I rearranged my spaces to get ready for spring. It was time for a fresh look,
plus two new upholstered chairs came in.

 Last but not least, here are the newly upholstered chairs that finely came in, before they
were in a crushed orange velvet, you can see them in previous picture in my den. My ex
said they looked like they came out of a trailer park. Ha! Now they are in a Magnolia Home
Fabric and my upholsterer  forgot to skirt them.
Happy March!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Marching Into 2018

We finally made it to March, no major snow storms, a couple of warm days'
a little wind storm and we are counting down the days to Spring. While stuck
indoors i have made some improvements to the house, read past posts and am
focusing on the store spaces

 You may have not known this but going up I wanted to be an artist. I started taking
art classes at a young age in school and in the summer. I won a few awards, sold a few
paintings and studied graphic design in Atlanta for a few years. I have dabbled in painting
every now and then, a couple of weeks ago on my day off, I went to Michaels and bought
some canvases. Here is the result.....
 Painting is very relaxing, I just let the day and start painting. I use acrylics and the gold
leaf frame is from Blick. I also reordered more candles, sachets and diffusers from the
all green company that i carry called Greenleaf out of Spartanburg, S.C.

It makes my space smell amazing and I added a new item from this company, they now
make soaps. All ready for Spring.