Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Before And After Story Of The French Sofa

This is the story of the French sofa that came my way some time last year.
When, I am not really sure, I would have to go back and look at my pictures
to come up with a date. I do love telling the story of how I got the sofa. Two
little old ladies from Waynesboro came into my store and asked if I was
interested in buying a large French sofa from them. They had just purchased
a new sofa and wanted to sell their old one. I said sure, $100.00, no picture,
just a gut feeling that any thing French sounds good to me.......

This the sofa after we (my intern and I) painted the sofa with CeCe Caldwell's
chalk paint in Dover White, sanded the edges and then brushed on the clear wax.
I choose a soft chenille grey herringbone fabric from Robert Allen and gave my
upholsterer instructions to not tuft the back and I wanted one big cushion instead
of three. Self cording, clean lines to give this guy a more modern feel.
This is the after the new look. The sofa sold before my upholster guy could finish it. A
customer saw the before progress, liked what she saw, asked if she could go see the
upholster to check on it's progress and paid me for it before it was finished. I went by
her home yesterday after it was delivered to take a picture of it for my before and after
story. It looked great, I was kind of said that it never made it back to my store. I would
have proudly put it in the front window to show it off. This sofa went in the master bedroom
of her guest house, she also bought that really cool headboard from Ballard Design that is
also white and has a bird on it.


Mia Maree said...

I love the transformation of this couch! You are so talented! It is absolutely beautiful!


Margaret McElroy said...

Hi Mia- Thanks for the post, just caught it tonight. This was a fun project for me. I am out looking
for more tomm.!

Khammany said...

Wow! This French sofa is gorgeous! I envy the lucky lady who snatched it up!