Monday, June 29, 2015

My Camel Back Duralee Paisley Sofa's Ransom Is Paid

Back in Januaury, right around the time I was closing
the store down and moving up the street, I got a phone
call. My upholster called to tell me my sofa was ready.
I explained to him that I was moving my store, down sizing
and had no where to put it. He said ok, but I hope it doesn't
get dirty. Shit and a few other words went around in my head.
So he has been holding it ransom until I had the room and the
money to pay him. Oh, and his shop is not the cleanest place
in the world.
So, here she is. What a beauty! The sofa was a freebie to me from my
mover. I found this lovely Duralee Fabric, designed by John Rabshaw,
online at a fraction of what it would have cost me wholesale.

She was held hostage for a few months, but she arrived clean and in great shape.
I proudly placed her in the window so she can be seen in all her glory.

I love the big bold Pink Paisley on the Cream background. A classic sofa
with a fabric take on a more modern traditional look. As I said, the fabric is
from Duralee Fabrics and was a John Rabshaw design called Blossom. It is
now a B.Berger print for Duralee. That tells you how long ago I bought it and
how long it took to have it done. It is in the window at Queen City Marketplace,
on Ebay and my Etsy shops.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Moving On Up

As I may have mentioned, I am looking for a new
house to rent. The one that I am in is too big and way
to expensive to heat, my gas bill last winter was around
$2,000 and I kept it at 62 degrees. Just can't do that again,
especially when I am gone all day working. So here is my
next adventure and we are working a double for a little
decorating help. I have worked with this person before and
have worked with the person that staged the house for the couple.
The house is smaller, farm house style and has a fenced in back yard. And beautiful
landscaping that goes beyond the house and extends to the neighbors on each side.

A nice front porch with views of downtown, a porch swing and great colors.

The inside has a nice flow, one room opens to the other. I will start this decorating
job by lighting up the colors on the first floor.

The living room and dining room are a little dark. My friend Dawn painted the
white cabinets a soft blue, I love them. There is a cute little sun porch off of the
kitchen that is also a laundry room.

The first picture is really the den off the kitchen. The deep blue room upstairs
is the front bedroom and will be my master, but I think we need to change the color.
The light blue room will be the guest room.
This tiny little yellow room is at the back of the house and will become my design
studio, it also opens up to a sun room. Great for my decorating projects.
More pictures to come after the contracts are signed and the deal is done.