Friday, November 29, 2013

Setting the Table

Sunday I have everyone coming up for a big
brunch/dinner to spend time with my children
for the holidays. So, yesterday I set the table
to get a head start. Here are a few pictures,
not to fancy, just simple and pretty......

I made pies yesterday that will be for dessert, because my store is open today
and tomorrow, I am trying to get as much done as possible.
Here's my little helper in the kitchen while I was making the pies
and painted my nails. Forgot to take pictures of the pies, will do
that later. The two pies I made were chocolate pecan pie and a
coconut chess pie. Also on the menu for Sunday, herb roasted leg
of lamb, roasted brussels sprouts, rosemary crusted scallop potatoes,
arugula salad and rolls. Will post pictures later!

Friday, November 15, 2013

What Came In This Week

Last month I went into Waynesboro to meet with a
gentleman that had just moved to this little town right
next to Staunton were I live. We walked threw his house,
his basement, his attic and his garage. Well yesterday all the
things we discussed to consign and then some came in. Two
trailers, one SUV and a van. Here is a glimpse of what came in....

  I have already sold three tables, two lamps and an elephant sculpture. Very different and
unique things.

And a few more goodies.....

These pictures do not do these things justice, there is so much more not pictured here!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Before and After of the Ugly Sofa

One of my customers brought in a van load of stuff one Saturday. In the
load was an ugly sofa they got for a steal and decided that it wasn't comfortable.
So they dumped on me, they bought two sofas and a bench from me in one day,
so I had to take it. Did I tell you that it was ugly, yes the fabric was really bad.

Can you see it at the right of the picture?

Here is a bigger view of it at the top of these pictures. So I had it upholstered in a cute, fun
Waverly fabric that I had bought to put on a '50's sectional that sold before I could do anything
with it.
Cute, right? Love the bright colors and the fun fabric! And here are the cushions I had
made for the wrought iron black outdoor chairs, the fabric is a Waverly indoor outdoor
quilted fabric. I love using blue and white on black, glossy black that is.