Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday Arrivals

Well Monday was quite a day for new arrivals. Here it is Tuesday, and I am
still moving things around. It was time for a major floor move. See what
came in......

                                          a lovely slip covered camel sofa and a modern sofa
                                                        a chair full of beautiful silk drapes
                                                          this lovely dining room table
                                                               n Eastlake dresser

                                                    several twin beds and three quarter beds
                                             love the fabric covered ones, soo Rose Cummings

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

margaret mcelroy interior design: Last Drapery Installation Room #10

margaret mcelroy interior design: Last Drapery Installation Room #10

Last Drapery Installation Room #10

                                Very busy week, this week. I am going to make this a short post.
                  This is the room before we or I installed the last flat roman shade for the third
                  guest room. I picked out a soft embroidered fabric, Chelsea Floral by Stroheim
                                                                        and Roman.

                    Sorry they are so dark, my flash wouldn't work and we had just had a snow/sleet storm.
                               Still, I really love this fabric. Good quality linen with a fine embroidery!
                        I got my desk set up, I need to find a better lamp, that one is from Target and
                                  not quite what I have in mind for that space. Think Foo Dogs!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Old Furniture Versus New Furniture

Yesterday I spent most of the day driving in my car. My one day off
and I am on the road to Richmond. Last Thursday my favorite thrift
shop posted pictures of the new items that came in to their store. This
place is in Glen Allen/ Hanover area and is called Clash and Trash. I
have bought from them before, they post pictures on Facebook and
then I go on Craigs List to check the prices. I saw a desk/vanity that I
liked and the price was right. I called them first thing Friday morning and
bought desk. I wanted to put it in my shop so that I could take the desk
I now have  here home. It's a pretty piece and would look nice in my
den. Right now I have one of those cheesy computer units that I bought
and put together with my daughter, Ellie, two houses ago.
It is so cheaply made, that it fell apart as we were caring it out of the house! I cannot
tell you how much I paid for it. Anyway, now that I have a laptop and a printer in my
store, I don't need all the equipment, cords and stuff that the old unit held. So I thought
 a nice desk would be a better fit for the room. When I picked up the desk yesterday,
I realized that it doesn't have a finished back, it has to go up against a wall. So, my

nice desk at the store has to stay. Still, it's a much better look. I will finish decorating it tonight.
 This is what I get to get rid of......
I also came home with a few goodies.....

And this is what I want to go back for with a U-Hall......
                                                                          pine hutch
                                                                giant bird cage
                                                              pretty bench
                                                                   old sofa
                                                              french mirror
                                                                    sofa frame
                                                     yellow shield back chairs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Before And After Story Of The French Sofa

This is the story of the French sofa that came my way some time last year.
When, I am not really sure, I would have to go back and look at my pictures
to come up with a date. I do love telling the story of how I got the sofa. Two
little old ladies from Waynesboro came into my store and asked if I was
interested in buying a large French sofa from them. They had just purchased
a new sofa and wanted to sell their old one. I said sure, $100.00, no picture,
just a gut feeling that any thing French sounds good to me.......

This the sofa after we (my intern and I) painted the sofa with CeCe Caldwell's
chalk paint in Dover White, sanded the edges and then brushed on the clear wax.
I choose a soft chenille grey herringbone fabric from Robert Allen and gave my
upholsterer instructions to not tuft the back and I wanted one big cushion instead
of three. Self cording, clean lines to give this guy a more modern feel.
This is the after the new look. The sofa sold before my upholster guy could finish it. A
customer saw the before progress, liked what she saw, asked if she could go see the
upholster to check on it's progress and paid me for it before it was finished. I went by
her home yesterday after it was delivered to take a picture of it for my before and after
story. It looked great, I was kind of said that it never made it back to my store. I would
have proudly put it in the front window to show it off. This sofa went in the master bedroom
of her guest house, she also bought that really cool headboard from Ballard Design that is
also white and has a bird on it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

More Great Finds And Some Crafty Ideas

I am on a roll! After closing on Saturday, I stopped by a consignment shop
that is on my way home. They are usually closed, same hours as my store,
but not this snowy Saturday late afternoon. They were in there rearranging,
getting ready for someone to pick up a bedroom suite. So, I asked if I could
come in for a quick look around. $300 later, this is what I found for the store..

                      A beautiful Art Deco wardrobe, cedar closet and waterfall wood detailing.

                 This full Jenny Lind bed, and yes, it needs some work. If I can't clean the wood up,
                                                                    I might paint it.

                           And this beautiful Mahogany Empire dresser. Check out those big claw feet.
                                          I sold this cute green table with a glass top to a neighbor.

         I changed out the Christmas ribbon and feathers on the burlap wreath for Valentine's day.
                                            And made a FAT heart shaped burlap wreath
                                           What an exciting Monday, stayed busy all day!