Monday, May 14, 2018

Good Bye Spring, Hello Summer

A bunch of my short lived flowers from my yards, this is before the heat wave.
I am hanging on to my pansies just a little bit longer.
My hanging baskets from the Waynesboro garden Center.

My Hydrangeas coming up along with the seeds I put in the ground.

Mature gardens with Columbine coming back.

Pictures of my sitting areas on the porch.

My veggie garden.
Hostas, Lily of the Valley and more Columbine coming back in side garden beds.

My flower garden in the back yard with mature plants returning and new plants that I
put in the ground like Snapdragons, Yarrow, Dianthus and Salvia.

Even though we never really had a Spring, we are getting some good rain storms to feed
my gardens.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My new Favorite Jeans from Target

I was in Target one day and came across a display of jeans that come with a high waist.
I have bought inexpensive high waist jeans from other stores like Old Navy "Rockstar"
jeans and no name jeans from TJ Maxx and found that they don't last. The fit shanges, they
shrink and if they have stretch in them they are too stretchy and loose by the end of the day.
I will buy NYD Jeans from TJ Maxx because the label fits the jean, they cost more but are
forth it.

The jeans are by Universal Thread and are sturdy and well made and still have a little stretch.
They fit great at the waist, are slimming and keep my legs looking skinny.

I got two in blue jean one long and one cropped.
One pair in white and one pair in pink with some cute mules by and new day.

I just noticed how dirty the mirror in the pictures is, sorry and I swear i just cleaned the house'
I missed the mirror.