Friday, December 30, 2016

More Decorating on the New Den

I have been working on the new den and I had a major installation in
Richmond last week.
I installed these drapes and valance in Richmond last week. This is a client and friend
that I helped with her old house on Park Avenue which sold and now they have moved
to a retirement community. I had to attach the valance board together in order to transport it to
Richmond and then staple the valance fabric onto the board.

My sister and her son came over to Marilyn's to help me hang the draperies, the fabrics are
Kravet and Schumacher with Robert Allen and Schumacher trims. The bedroom also had to
be attached on the boards and the valance had to be stapled on, quite the job.
I have been working on the new den since I moved or switched the den guest room around.
My old sofa was too big to come up the stairs so I was stuck with the two old orange chairs
that are in need of a recover. With a coupon from Wayfair and free delivery, I ordered a new
small settee that would fit in the room and a new larger rug.

  I am now thinking about new pillows, maybe redoing the ottoman and a new table
skirt. It is never ending, you can see the old orange chairs in the corner on their way
out for reupholstering. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Postings

Today is a dreary Monday and my day off. I have moved my
den to a bigger room, formally my guest room. I hung my big
floral panels from my old rental and plan on ordering a new sofa
for this room. My old sofa will not  fit up the stairs and threw the
door of this room. I found a cute little with detachable legs at World
Market. I will order it after Christmas once all my shopping is done.
I did pull a chair for the room from my antique space and had it upholstered
in a pretty herringbone fabric I found at U-Fab over in Charlottesville.
I am getting rid of the two big retro orange chairs I have in the room
right now. here is the chair.

And I have some big news, two weeks ago, a friend who has a bichon and new Elfie,
came into Queen City and was telling me how sorry she was about my loss. In the
conversation, I was telling her about my search for a rescue dog. She new of a small
miniture poodle mix that needed a home.

So, last Saturday, I got a picture and a couple of emails from Mandy's foster mom.
And Sunday after work, Mandy came to my home and I adopted her. Her previous
owner had passed away and she was passed from home to home.
She just turned nine and is a real love bug. We go on long walks,
snuggle in front of the t.v., it is hard to leave her to go to work.
I feel like we have both gotten a second chance at life. 

She is a little camera shy and is half the size of Elfie, I got her the coat
and hat from Target and picked up some Sam & Libby boots from Target.
 All is well here, Happy Holidays,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Has Arrived in My Booths and a New Creative Vendor

I have been working on bringing Christmas into my antique booth
here are the pictures from The Factory Antique Mall.

I added ornaments, garland and Christmas books to my booth at The Factory Antique Mall.
At Queen City Marketplace I draped garland, added stars to the window and placed ornaments
all around.

And last but not least, we have a new vendor who creates Christmas art using old prints
and vintage jewelry. Please enjoy the pictures and stop by Queen City to see the art work
in person.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Losing my Dog and Starting a New Job

Last Wednesday I lost my job at the mattress store and was hired for a
new job that same day, this all happened in one hour. The mattress company
was sold and the existing employees were let go. This was a blessing, I hated
that job! My new job is at Ann Arden under the Roof Home furnishings in
Waynesboro, I started last week and love the job. That gave me six days off
and I spent it cleaning, organizing, and spending some quality time with Elfie,
my 11 year old Bichon Frise. I am so blessed to have those days with him because
he passed away in my arms Friday night. Here is a picture of him with my children
the day we brought home.
He was born in 2005 and had a very good life. Now that I look back at his last days, I
remember him not eating as much food or not eating at all. Sometimes he threw up if
he drank to much water and he had a few soft stools. We did take good walks but he was
sleeping a lot those past days, which I thought was normal because during the day he is
in a crate.
Friday, I left for work as usual. We had a good walk, he did his usual things in the
grass, and he ate his breakfast, all seemed fine. When I came home, he did not great
me with his usual hyper self, I took him out for a walk but he seemed disoriented, and
he came to a stop after doing his business. I carried him back to the house and put some
food out for him and he just went into his crate and starred at me with very sad eyes.
He wouldn't come out of his crate.
   Once I got him to his chair in the den, he seemed tired and I could tell something was

These pictures were taken last spring in the old house I was renting. He always
look like a puppy. So cute.

Those are the last pictures that I took of him that night, he had a seizure, threw up
blood and went limp. I was with him till he passed that night. I buried  in my Mom's
pet cemetery. I wish dogs could talk, I am not sure if he had stomach cancer or if it
was because we found out that the old house I was renting had a Carbon Monoxide leak.
I miss him so much, I keep looking for him in his chair. I have had a great loss. The good
news is that I love my new job, so if you need a sofa, come see me.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Fall Look with a Floor Move at Queen City Marketplace

I have gotten two new shipments in, some furniture, some
Halloween/Fall pieces and some Christmas. So I went in last
Sunday afternoon and started rearranging things, I didn't finish
until 12ish on Monday, it took me 4 1/2 hours. let's see the results...

 I got in some new tables, so a little arranging was needed and well worth it.

I created a garden scene with the etegere and the bird house that came in and decorated
with the ivy trees and the Columbine stems.

 I am hoping this move will promote sales, so far the large bird art work sold and the
lamp on the front table.

Can you see the fancy French wall bracket, the spider wire basket?

Love the vintage Virginia Metal Crafters wire flower frog urn, Christmas star garland,
velvet pumpkins, the Columbine flowers and mossy birdhouses.

New pretty Ikat pillows and Enlisted Auctions pretty French pottery.

And the last pictures is of a bench I bought from a vendor at The Factory Antique Mall,
I spray painted the stool gold and put a pretty Robert Allen fabric on it to create a glam
Hollywood Regency look. Pretty, right?