Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reupholstered Stool and What Came in this Week

I reupholstered bench that came in a couple of weeks ago
with the $10 silk fabric piece I bought at a fabric store
here and really lucked out on a Robert Allen piece of
trim that is a dead on match to the fabric.

Two new consignment pieces came in today.
An old singer sewing table with a stool.

An a Virginia Craftsman reproduction camel back sofa in a beautiful butterfly fabric.

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Christmas Tree and a Mary Poppins Story

I finally left work a little early yesterday
while it was still light out side to go get my
Christmas tree. I went back to the church
that I go to each year to get my tree. I picked
out a small one this year, 7' , and set it up in
the front hall where my round covered table is
usually perched, I wanted to be able to see it
from any room. Next year it may go in the living

 I like to take the pictures when the indoor lights are off, I think you see the
tree decorations better. The tree reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas
tree, a little scraggly on the bottom. And if you can see it, this is a Mary Poppins
ornament that was given to me when I was a child by a god mother. I think this was
when the original Disney movie came out. She is made of wood, she is painted, has
a real wool scarf and a real cloth hand bag!

 Merry Christmas to all......

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Thursday afternoon I decided to change the windows
which means that the whole floor has to change. I finished
mid day on Saturday and immediately sold two chairs out
of the window that day and two more out of the window on
Monday. I took pictures late Saturday night thinking that if
I got snowed in on Sunday and Monday, it would give me
something to do.Sorry that some are a little dark......

All the tables are set with Christmas china, lamps lit all over the
store to give that warm and cozy holiday feel........

Lots of pretty crystal and shiny glass placed all around with cozy
settings in each corner......

Nothing like a new fresh look, the whole store looks beautiful
and ready for the holidays! And last but not least, I made lamb
stew with the left over leg of lamb from Thanksgiving, very yummy.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jewel Tone Wreaths for the Windows

Last January I went to Lowes after Christmas
and bought a bunch of the left over decorations
at 70% off with the idea of doing something fun
for the windows at the store.

I found these large wreaths at Big Lots, I love that store. They were
packed with all kinds of Christmas goodies, I will go back when I have
more time. So this is what I came up with for the windows. I nailed the
ribbon to the top of the buildings to secure them, I hope they don't get
stolen. I thought they turned out pretty well.

My old lit tree got the burlap treatment, some feathers and big cones. They were
from Lowes too and the burlap wreath got the berries and peacock feathers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Merry Christmas to Me!

Last week I was playing around on Ebay, doing
a little research on some items that came into the
store. I do this for pricing, listing on Etsy it
is a great way to educate myself. As I was putting
the crystals on these beautiful candlesticks, I
decided to figure out the owners description.
I Googled what I could make of his writing and
the name, his spelling is as bad as mine, and an
image came up.

 Girandole, that's what they are called. They were made in Italy
in the 18th Century and loved by the French as a way of lighting
there mantels. I have seen them over the years and loved them,
but way to pricey for me. When two sets of them came in a
couple of weeks ago, I was very tempted, my cost $225.00 for
a set of three. I called a collector friend to come in and see the
new goods and asked him about them, the crystals on the ones
that came in are too long for the candlesticks and not original to
the pieces. So I did a little searching on Ebay and found this set,
$225.00 plus shipping and all the right crystals and the right sizes
for these beauties. They arrived Saturday via USPS, merry Christmas
to me and the others are on my Etsy shop!

Had a great lunch with my children and their Dad on Sunday.
Very long day, but lots of fun, laughs and a great food. Here
are some funny pictures on my steps.

Very funny, Ellie is made at me for posting them on Facebook!