Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Farmhouse Porch and Garden Beds

Here is a sneak at my farmhouse front porch, this house is in the city,
I pretend that it is on a farm because it has a big yard with a garden shed
and a huge garage. Here is my heavy, large urn filed with what I bought for
my self for Mother's Day.

 Mint, Rosemary, Dusty Miller, Impatient and Delphinium. My small urns on pedestals
by the front door with a sun hardy impatient.

My hanging baskets from Martens with fragrant Petunias and Verbena.
Flowers and foliage that I brought my last house that have come back this Spring.

Hydrangea and Snapdragons replanted.

I had two Dianthus plants, only one made it.
A Pincushion I planted in the ground this spring. And things I planted from seed from
the Wild Flower Seed Company.

Cosmos and baby Snapdragons
More pictures as things develop.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Floor Move at Queen City Marketplace

Last Thursday I gave my spaces at Queen City Marketplace a big
rearranging. I sold a sofa, which opened up the floor a little bit. It
was time to freshen things up. It always helps my sales to move things
around, people see things in a new light. Here is a few shots of the space.

I still need to paint the turquoise walls, not my color at all.

All the items you see can be purchased at Queen City Marketplace or a few are listed
on my Ebay and Etsy Shops.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Love Me Some Birds

A couple of years ago, my daughter, Ellie, gave me a great bird
feeder. I love to feed the birds. I hung the feeder off of the potting
shed which is right out side of my dressing room window here at the

I love watching the birds fly in to the feeder as I am getting ready in the morning.
They starts out in the gutter just out side my window and then fly down to the feeder.

This is a funny little bird with a red head, that I see a lot. I feed them nuts and berries, which
they love. I t is a higher quality bird seed.
 I tried to get really close pictures with out scarring them off, I will keep working on
this. Better pictures next time. M.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Out with the Old and in with the New

I am purging my closet, it is time for out with the old and
in with the new. I filled plastic bags with things I no longer
need. I started with my summer shoes. I really wear my shoes
out, especially my spring and summer shoes. If the heels are
worn and they look a little faded, it is time to go.
The Jack Rogers are not made like they used to, they blister my big toe.I have been wearing
them since I was 13 and never had this problem. the other guys are just to worn to wear
any more.

These beauties are from Payless, yes Payless. all 5 for under $100 dollars. The pale pink
with the bow are dexflex comfort and so are the tan , the blue and black cut out lace up are
Christian Siriano and the black open toe lace up are by Brash. And they are all very comfortable!