Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Getting Ready for Fall

On a day when the temperatures are high, 90 something. I received a box
from TJ Maxx with clothing for Fall. It all started when I saw a cute shoe
at my local TJ Maxx, but didn't see my size, so when I got home, I searched
for the shoes on their on line website. So here we go with my purchase.
 Animals prints in a skirt and shoes.

The Anne Klein animal flats on the left are the item that started this whole thing. The
Catherine Malandrino Leopard mules were a must.
The NYCC animal print skirt will look great with a black tee as we start to go to cooler
days and will later look great with boots and a turtleneck. My go to look.

This gorgeous Catherine Malandrino black knit sweater dress with an envelope hem
and button shoulder.

And last, a Forgotten Grace long sleeve puff shoulder top will look great with any
piece in my wardrobe. Hope to see cooler days to come.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Funniest Post Ever

So I bought some new makeup recently and got my hair cut yesterday.
I read a lot of blogs were they talk about their new makeup, their makeup
routine, and they post these great pictures of themselves. So I tried to talk
pictures of myself with my new makeup and my new hair cut. Let's just
say that a lot of the pictures were deleted. I don't know how they do it,
I cannot afford to have a  real photographer come in and take pictures for
my posts so this is a funny look at how I did.

I was trying to show my eye makeup which is Covergirls Tru Naked Nudes eye shadow.

I was trying to show my hair cut here, which I am growing out for my daughters wedding
next year. I want it to be shoulders length or chin length. I look like a goof ball, they say
to look up in pictures so that you don't see the double chin. The lipstick is Madelline Truffle
Tease and the blush is Milani in Romantic Rose.

#1 Covergirl Tru Naked Nudes Eye Shadow
#2 Mabelline Truffle Tease Lip Stick (this is pretty long lasting)
#3 Milani Romantic Rose Blush (it comes in the shape of a rose) 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Hot As Hades Tomatoes

Today it is just mid July and it is hot as hades here. I had to
go over to Charlottesville today for a couple of hours and practically
melted over there from the heat. More on that later. When i got home
and walked Mandy, I saw that I have a ton of tomatoes that are ready to
pick. So once it got a little cooler outside, I walked out ad picked tomatoes,
grabbed some basil leaves and thawed out a sheet of Pepperidge Farm puff
I had a container of crumbled goat cheese, so I drizzled olive oil on the center of
the dough, sprinkled with goat cheese and added my variety of tomatoes. I laced if
with ribbons of my basil, added pink salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary and topped with
more olive oil and Parmesan cheese and baked for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. And
there you have a dinner from my garden.
That's one way to beat the heat!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Friday Storms

Last Friday around 5 pm, a storm came rolling in with lightning. The temperature
dropped and Mandy and I went out on the to watch  the storm come through. I snapped
a few pictures of what is blooming now.
The storm from my porch, after this picture it really got dark fast.
I snagged some roses from the house next door for the porch.

Blooms from bulds I picked up from Big Lots, like the Gladiola.

These plants come back from last year.
My tomato plants are growing like crazy.

The Yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace from last year.
I spotted a cute little snail on a leaf and a hummingbird flew up on the porch near us,
but I couldn't get to the camera in time. Happy July!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Finds

I buy a lot of my jewelry online on Ebay.   I recently came across a beautiful vintage  Marotto
Italian designer heavy gold bracelet.

I love the older styles of jewelry, triple links, beautiful details and onyx and sapphire
cabochon stones, As I enjoy wearing this, it will also be listed on my Ebay and Etsy
sights, just like the other pieces that I have bought. 
And on another note, I love a good summer straw bag.
The smaller straw bag is by C & C California and I bought it at TJ Maxx.
It is hand woven with the leather and brass details and has a cute blue and white draw
string lining. The larger bag came from Target and I bought it last year.
This bag has a heavy woven base with the colorful pom-poms and handle. Nothing
says summer like a straw bag and yes, a Italian gold bracelet.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wine on the Porch with Mom

I invited my mom over for wine and cheese on the porch Friday
evening before we went around the corner to Newtown Bakery for
I picked flowers from my garden, lit candles, put together a cheese plate of Wasa crackers,
herb goat cheese and a Beringer Chenin Blanc wine.
More candles for the table outside the porch door.
This is my new bench for the porch from Target from their Threshold line, it looks
great with my existing chairs I bought when i moved in. It adds a little more seating
for Mandy and I.
A little lavender from my garden for the table and another candle and a great evening
with a wonderful breeze. We had so much fun on the porch, we almost forgot about dinner.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Old Fashioned Flower Garden

My very small flower beds and potted plants have taken over my yard and my porch.

Foxglove and Lambs Ear

Columbine, Basil and Daylilies

Vinca, Snapdragons and Impatients

More Impatients, Dianthus, Begonias and Vinca

and beautiful beds.....