Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wine on the Porch with Mom

I invited my mom over for wine and cheese on the porch Friday
evening before we went around the corner to Newtown Bakery for
I picked flowers from my garden, lit candles, put together a cheese plate of Wasa crackers,
herb goat cheese and a Beringer Chenin Blanc wine.
More candles for the table outside the porch door.
This is my new bench for the porch from Target from their Threshold line, it looks
great with my existing chairs I bought when i moved in. It adds a little more seating
for Mandy and I.
A little lavender from my garden for the table and another candle and a great evening
with a wonderful breeze. We had so much fun on the porch, we almost forgot about dinner.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Old Fashioned Flower Garden

My very small flower beds and potted plants have taken over my yard and my porch.

Foxglove and Lambs Ear

Columbine, Basil and Daylilies

Vinca, Snapdragons and Impatients

More Impatients, Dianthus, Begonias and Vinca

and beautiful beds.....

Monday, May 13, 2019

Decorating with Flowers

My gardens are really starting to shine. Things are springing up and starting to bloom.
A little vase of the first blooms in my garden beds. The Bachelors Buttons I must have
planted last year. Two huge plants have come back and are full of blooms. The Knock Out
Rose i planted last spring after I last a previous rose. The triple purple Columbine and the
Lily of the Valley were planted by a previous owner.
  The Bearded Iris are every were on the side of the porch and were also planted by a previous
owner, she must have been a true gardener planing old fashioned flowers.
 Three dozen red rose varieties for Mother's day fill a large vase. I love filling my house
with fresh flowers. It adds a little happiness to each room they are in and it also makes me
giddy each time I enter the room. Happy Monday! 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring Plantings

I feel that it is finally Spring, the days are getting warmer, the nights are staying in the forties.
It is time to start planting my urns, planters and my hanging baskets.

I went to Walmart and Lowe's and bought some pretty plants to fill the area around my porch.
I over purchased, so the extra Dianthus went into the beds in the front of the house.
This is a planting from last year, it is either a Pincushion flower or Bachelors Button, we will see
when it blooms.

Impatients and Dianthus in planters around the porch, by June they will be full and colorful.

Red Geraniums in the hanging baskets on the front of the porch.
Last years Day Lilies coming back in the insulated urns and more impatients.

In my big metal urn I planted Snapdragons, Verbena, and Dainthus. This will be beautiful
in a couple of weeks. Spring has sprung.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Perfecting a Few Recipes

If you follow me in Pinterest and Instagram, you know that I am constantly
posting food and recipes. So for the past few months, I have been working on
tweaking a few saved recipes. I would entertain on a regular basis when I was
married, when my children were little and when I had my store. I want to save
some of my favorites in one place so I know were to find them when I need them.
So I am working on a little project that I will reveal later. Here is what I worked on
Wild Mushroom and Blue Cheese Pastries or Pinwheels, I like pinwheels better.
Asiago- Olive Rolls, I think they will be called pinwheels too. I have made these before with
the pizza dough in the can. This time I used phyllo dough, they were a little greasy  and
didn't cook all the way on some sides. Today it was cold, windy and I hate turning the heat
on for one day, so baking really warmed the house up. Happy Monday!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Thank You T.J. Maaxx

On one cold March day, I went shopping online with T.J. Maxx and found some great tops
for Spring. Their logo is "maxx style. maxx savings maxx life" and they mean it. I found great
tops for work and play.
A beautiful blue wrap top.
A beach cover up for my trip in the fall, I will also wear it as a top with a tank underneath.
 This Italian beauty will add a little color to my wardrobe.
This is a casual top for my days off, and yes, I have already worn it.
Another wrap top that will be great to layer with jackets until it warms up.
A pretty blue tie top, I tried it on and got deodorant on it, hence the wet spot.
A fun off the shoulder top that will not be worn off the shoulder, too old for that.

A fun sheer animal print that I have already worn to work. Got to love T.J. Maxx!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Official First Day of Spring

It has finally come, the official first day of spring has come. I spent that day inside working.
So today, on my day off, it snowed again. What is wrong with this picture?
This is a wet snow falling outside of my dressing room window. It is cold, snowing
and it makes me not want to go outside. My last post I talked about my spring decorations
outside like my Easter wreath and planting the pansies. So today I spruced up the inside
of the house with fresh spring touches.

I bought these flowers last night at Martins. The Iris opened up immediately and the
tulips are opening up as well. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. I also have several
orchids blooming.

I got out my collection of Easter eggs, some of these are from my childhood and the large
tulip egg I painted.
And on a last note I made a slurge, now that TJ Maxx is an online shop, I get emails when
they have items in that are made in Italy, I am a sucker for a bamboo handle and this purse
just spoke to me so I ordered it and it just arrived.
It is made by Claudia Firenze and I love the color. Sorry the pictures are a little dark but
that is what you get when it is a snowy day.