Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Marbleized Pumpkins and More

I have been following a blog, Simple Details, on how to marble pumpkins.

The blue ones turned out better than the orange ones and it is easier to do with smaller
pumpkins. You drop a little nail polish into a bucket of warm water and dip the pumpkins into
it and there you have it. The pumpkins are half off at Michaels and I got the nail polish at
Here are my Fall porch decorations. the door basket I made came from the Dollar Store
and the pumpkins with garland came from Big Lots. And this beautiful Mum came from
my mother and sister.
One big decision I made after submitting my financials to a bank was that after almost
two years at The Factory Antique Mall, I am not making any money. I am actually losing
money, so I am slowly pulling things out.

My lease is up at the end of November, I probably spend more out there on purchases
and rent than I make. Time to make changes, save a little money.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Renting vs. Owning

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a cute little house one street over from
were I live. i have been renting now since I moved to Staunton and would love
to have a house of my own again. I have chandeliers in boxes, I dream of being
able to pick interior and exterior paint colors. Any way, here is the house I saw.
The price has been dropped several times and it does need a lot of work, so I went
threw the mortgage process and am trying to figure out how I could make it work.
here are a few pictures that I snapped.

White picket fence, cute frame house, large box woods and a dead tree right smack
in the front yard.
And more big trees in the back yard and side yard that are looming over the house.
Nice Lime Light Hydrangea, the yard could be a flower lovers dream, think cottage
style look with Hollyhocks and Roses. There is a sad attempt to a red door.
The house has an open porch, a screened in back porch and a deck.

Here are a few pictures that I took in side the house, everything needs to be painted,
the floors need some work and the stairs have a scary carpet on them, but hey it has a
gas fireplace.

 It would be a lot to take on, I would be doing most of the work by myself. Or do I
stay put renting the Farmhouse. I have been here over a year and have made it my home.
Here are a few pictures of the rooms upstairs.

The light, white and cute guest room and the back hall way.
I love my messy little dressing room with the big window and my makeup table.

The tiny bathroom with the claw foot tub and my very bright and light master bedroom.

I just cannot make up my mind as to what I should do, we will see. Last picture,
I picked a fabric for my new corner chair. beautiful....