Friday, January 12, 2018

A Vacation/ Holiday Saturday

Over the Holiday, I had several days off between Christmas and New Years.
The Saturday before New Years Eve, I set out to drive to Dayton to the Dayton
Farmers Market to pick up my lamp fixtures from my lighting guy at Lone Pine
Lighting. As I started up Route 11 I soon realized that this area had gotten more
snow than the slight dusting we had received. The farmers market was packed, I
picked up my lamps and walked around the indoor market. They have the Amish
Cheese Shop, where I got some cheeses, dried Saffron and dried Ginger. They have
a kitchen shop, homemade fudge, ice cream, a sandwich shop and a deli. It was so
packed at lunch time that I decided to go back to Bridgewater to a little restaurant
that I had read about called Jalapeno. This is a cute industrial style restaurant with
a skating rink next to it including fire pits and lots of families. I had my first and best
ever Cuban sandwich in this cute cozy bar style Restaurant, I posted a picture of it on
my Instagram page. On my way back to Staunton, I stopped in Verona at some of my
favorite thrift/ antique shops and hit the jack pot. Here is what I found.
A beautiful Asian hand painted vase with pretty colors.
This colorful floral hand painted Italian vase.
A very tall yellow vase with a Chinese style scene.

I had seen these Chinoiserie prints before Christmas and they were still there waiting
for me, it was meant to be and they gave me a discount.
And last but not least, the peacock vase,