Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Big Changes for 2015

I have made some big changes in 2015. After having a store front for more than
six years, I decided to close my store front down and not renew my lease. I slowly
depleted my merchandise, had people come and get their stuff.

  I had two great opportunities come my way. One was to go into two big spaces at Queen City
Marketplace. I am also working there two days a week, I squeezed what I could into my two
areas with the over flow on the other floors, three floors in all and the rest is in my basement
along with my decorating things. So here are a few pictures of my new digs....

It is a little crowded now, but I will slowly bring things in from my basement,
so that that room at home will be where my decorating business will be. Next blog,
my next big change, this one is really exciting. If you follow me on instagram, you
may have already seen the pictures.