Monday, July 25, 2016

New Pieces For The Store

Freshly painted Chippendale chair with a discontinued Lee Jofa fabric sample covering
the seat.
This is a great occasional chair for a desk, in a hallway, or at a dressing table.
This bed tray was found at SPCA Shop, it was black with a map of Jamaica map in the
square and marijuana leaves in the corners. I gave it a very feminine look, more in keeping
with the Sunday morning in bed tray.
I painted butterflies and hydrangeas in the corners, two of my favorite things.

This is my $10.00 yard sale chair, I found this fabric online for $5.00 a yard. I liked
the soft cool colors of the print.

Totally new look for this cute little slipper chair. Not too feminine, but still very cute.
These chairs are great in a dressing room or bedroom were they are used for putting on
those fancy shoes with all those laces and buckles.

This chair I rescued from a thrift store, it needs a little work and maybe some new
fabric, but this Queen Anne has good bones.
This chair my upholsterer rescued from a dumpster and gave to me, we used the extra
fabric from the old Duncan Phyfe sofa I recovered earlier this year.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Reupholstering Old Chairs with New Bright Fabrics

I bought these pretty Victorian chairs at an Antique store in Verona for nothing.
I took four Duralee discontinued fabric samples in four different colorways and covered
each seat in one color.
They have already sold to a friends sister for a new look at her kitchen table.
 Beautiful, a great way to save a fabric from extinction and give an old chair a fresh look.
I sell these disc. samples in my booth for a $1.