Monday, September 30, 2013

The Before and After of the Dining Room Chair

I have two of these lovely chairs that cost $6.00 a piece. One I painted white, they were
originally  light pine, and put a neutral fabric on and it is here in the store. the second
one I painted black and wanted it for my desk at home.
Don't you love the peach vinyl fabric on the chair. The previous owner must have had
some really messy children.
 This is the fabric and trim I choose for the redo. I left Marvin the upholsterer instructions
on how I wanted it done. And here is the finished product.

I assumed that the guy would know which way the trim would go, its upside down,
I assumed wrong. Bless his heart, I will be more careful the next time! : )

Friday, September 27, 2013

What Came in this Week and What's Going On at the Store

            This week has flown by, with the decorating business booming, and things going
                         out and more pieces coming in, my store is really full.
This sweet antique English walnut server come in yesterday.
The Hollywood Regency gold bamboo bar cart I bought on Ebay as a
birthday present to myself. Purchase price, $320.00, shipping, free Fedex!

This lovely Victorian settee and side chair in a nice cream chenille fabric.
This 1920's English walnut worm wood desk. 
A cute little Federal style ladies slipper chair with a pretty needlepoint cushion.
A tall mirror on a stand.

Bolts of fabrics waiting to go to the drapery lady, who is on vacation, and fabric
to be picked up by the upholsterer. And the table with folders and fabrics of the
different jobs I have going on right now!

And a few extra things like the brass andirons, antique brass fender and a caned school desk.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I Am Sharing Pictures of My Living Room

I am sharing a few pictures of my living room. I had some pillows made, I finally hung
my curtains, which look like they belong in a doll house in this house with the mega
high ceilings and recovered some chair seats.........

The walls are a green/blue and not my choice of color, they came with the house.
Do you remember my old blog about my last house with the seedling green walls
that went with my furniture and the picture where the drapes puddled on the floor?

The silks and silk blend fabrics are from Jim Thompson and Silk Loom and are
no longer available. The silk oriental rug is from my store and the mirror came
with the house  along with the chandelier.

Closeups of my silk curtains, my pressed glass hold backs, to make the curtains
work, and my drapery hardware.

My foo dogs on the mantel and a glimpse of the portrait of Elizabeth, my relatives
wife in the background.

More details in the room.
                                                 The desk in the front window.

Details of my pillows, love the Elfie pillow. The Victorian sofa I bought when I
was in my twenties and it has been upholstered several times and the club chairs
are from the old company Ashley Manor. 

Elfie say, enough with this, let's go outside and bark at the joggers!  

Art Show for Jennet Inglis

Last night I had an art show for the artist, Jennet Inglis, Jennet now lives in
Staunton. She is from the New York area and has shown internationally and

We brought in new work with a more fall feel and filled the front of the store with her work.

With light refreshments and the artist herself doing a demonstration in the widow, we had
a great turnout and a great night.