Saturday, April 27, 2013

Repurposing Antique Frames and Wallpaper

I have had a lot of empty antique frames come in recently. All are wood and either
gilded, carved or plain wood stain. I started playing around with ideas of ways to use
them. I thought about turning them into mirrors, but I have a lot of mirrors in here and
do not need any more. So here are a few of my ideas of what to do with them..........

I have three very large Seabrook wallpaper samples that have been discontinued that are too
pretty to just throw away. They have that Chinese hand painted look to them, I know that I
will have to get glass for the frames, but do they also need to be matted?

I brought in a painting I did last summer of some of my hydrangea flowers from my yard
to try in the frame that was white and gold and already had the glass in it. I am going to
take it home to try it, but wood insert cuts off the painting and the frame is too big for the
painting if I take it out and I don't really need the glass, do I? I wanted to hang this painting
in my bedroom on a blank wall.

Another thought was to frame these two beautiful, hand painted,original  wallpaper designs
I bought on Ebay last year and never did any thing with. If I nix the painting in the frame, I might
try the smaller of the two designs in this frame because it already has the glass and backing.

For a Saturday, it was a great day! I had a customer take a picture of Elfie and post it on
Facebook as a shop dog and a mother and daughter come in and spend hours trying on
all of the vintage hats that came in last month. One of the veil/birdcage feathered hats went
home with the mom on approval along with a vintage bag I had from Ebay.

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