Thursday, May 21, 2020

Before and After of My Dining Room Chairs

While I am stuck at home, I have been going through my fabrics
that are part of my decorating business and checking prices and pulling
the ones that are no longer available. Some of these fabrics are beautiful
and can be used for any decorating project, I started grouping them in color
or print groups of five and have had great success listing them on ebay for
,99 cents. Check out my store under my name.

 In this process, I came upon a pretty chenille fabric with a water pattern, tone on tone,
and it sent me to the Robert Allen outlet website. I noticed that this fabric was also
in other colors, I loved the color frost, I needed three yards, two seats can be done with
one yard. There was 3.5 yards available, perfect, I saved an extra ten percent by buying
the entire bolt. The fabric came earlier this week and I went to town on this project. Here
is my journey.

I popped the seats out.
This is the original fabric that the chairs came in, they are Italian and came from Greenfront.
Some where there is a matching table and breakfront. they were all in my office at my old

The peach fabric was chosen for my office, the leaf Larsen fabric was on my old chairs,
my ex keep them. When I switched them for the lighter chairs, I keep my fabric because
at the time I loved it, twenty years later, it was time for a change.

 Here is the fabric, can you see the pattern, it is very subtle pattern. I went to
Walmart and got a off white muslin to cover the original fabric on the seats before
I put the new fabric on so that the colors would not bleed through. I was affraid to
remove the original cover because I wasn't sure what was underneath it.
Everyone must be sewing because the fabric section was whipped out.
So here is the before and after, sorry the before is a little blurry. But what a difference
it makes, the room is so much lighter and brighter.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Cold Front with a Frost

This past Friday, after 70 degree days, we had a cold front come in. They said we
would drop to 20 degrees at night, with a great chance of a frost and to bring in all
tender plants. So my Friday night was spent bringing in all my small pots and lining
the wall of my back hall with hanging baskets and small pots.
 It looks like a greenhouse. Because Saturday would stay in the mid 50's and a frost again
that night, I keep everything in the house until Sunday once the temperatures reached
the 60's.

I covered the impatients and the new blooms on my porch and front beds.
The big urns on my side porch got covered, just call me the bag lady.
The vegetable cart that my son made me also got covered. Friday night the large bag over
my tomatoes flew off because of the wind and landed in my neighbors yard two houses
away. One of my tomato plants got zapped.
I also used my empty pots to cover small plants that sprouted up in the back garden.
The white bag at the top of the picture is covering a large clemitis bloom to protect it.
Yesterday I found out that something ate of the bloom and several small ones, possibly
a bird? I hope it will bloom again, last night and tonight it was and will be in the mid
30's so I felt everything would be okay until this thing passes. I will past pictures of the
blooms later in the week.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Is It May or March

Today while at home, my new normal, I took advantage of the warmer temperatures
and spent some time outside. I took pictures of my new flowers in bloom in my garden
before the next cold front comes in again and everything my die from frost bight.
The pretty blue Columbine I planted last spring.
My Pincushion in full bloom.
I got this Poppy plant at Walmart on clearance, I hope it gets a chance to bloom. I
will bring my smaller potted plants in and cover the larger ones with trash bags, I may
even cover these guys in the beds with plastic grocery bags Friday night and Saturday
day and night.

My rose is in full bloom and there is an old fashioned Columbine hidden behind the
rose bush, it was planted by a previous gardener.
To end the day, I took Dr. Oz's advise and went out to play in the yard with Mandy and to
soak up the sun and get some vitamin C.

We played games, she ran circles around me like she was a puppy. Loved it.
I picked a pretty bouquet before everything gets frozen, why does May fell like March. Will
it ever warm up again?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

New Normal, Will Our Life Ever Return to Normal

I have been doing a lot of baking, still working on putting a cookbook
together. Some of the recipes are good, some not so much. Because it is
just little ol me, if it makes a lot, after eating it two to three times, it either
is put in the freezer or it is pitched. This recipe is a good one and a freezer
safe one.
The Tuna Empanaditas. They are delicious and beautiful little morsels.
I am also having fun  spending time outside waiting for it to finally warm up
and see what is blooming in my yard.

More pictures to come as the temps start to rise, I have been doing a lot of gardening.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

What is Happening in My Life in Quarantine

While I am stuck at home and not spending any money, I had an
upholstery project I started before all this craziest stuff started. I got
a text that my chair was ready for pickup. So last Friday i went and picked
my chair up. Here is the before and after.

I found this chair back in the fall and I love this Robert Allen fabric so this chair is
the perfect project for this. The trim is also from Robert Allen and it is beautiful. So are you
ready for the big reveal?

Isn't she a beauty, the perfect pairing for this chair. Another project I had started before the
lock down was a Safavieh rug i bought on line from Target when they had a really good
rug sale. Here is a picture of my old rug that i bought a couple of years ago, it was too small.

When the rug arrived, it was so heavy and so big that it had to stay in my back hall
until I could phone a friend to help me get it upstairs. Once it was upstairs, I had to
completely take my bedroom apart to get it down. There was so much dust under my
bed. This was quite the project, but the results were worth it. So pretty!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Staying Home - Staying Safe

I have never spent this much time at home since my children
were babies. If I do go out, I were a mask and gloves. To stay
calm at night, I light candles.

I attempted to give myself a pedicure, this was not easy. This new normal has effected
my nerves and I have the shakes.
Ebay has given its sellers over 400 free listings, so I have been listing discontinued
wallpaper samples and fabric samples like crazy to pass the time and make a little money.

My goal was to clean up my guest room, so much for that. It looks like a fabric bomb
went off in there. Happy Easter, and stay safe.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Trying To Stay Calm

By having flowers in my house, brings me a sense off calm while being
stuck inside.

Stay safe and stay at home.