Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Official First Day of Spring

It has finally come, the official first day of spring has come. I spent that day inside working.
So today, on my day off, it snowed again. What is wrong with this picture?
This is a wet snow falling outside of my dressing room window. It is cold, snowing
and it makes me not want to go outside. My last post I talked about my spring decorations
outside like my Easter wreath and planting the pansies. So today I spruced up the inside
of the house with fresh spring touches.

I bought these flowers last night at Martins. The Iris opened up immediately and the
tulips are opening up as well. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. I also have several
orchids blooming.

I got out my collection of Easter eggs, some of these are from my childhood and the large
tulip egg I painted.
And on a last note I made a slurge, now that TJ Maxx is an online shop, I get emails when
they have items in that are made in Italy, I am a sucker for a bamboo handle and this purse
just spoke to me so I ordered it and it just arrived.
It is made by Claudia Firenze and I love the color. Sorry the pictures are a little dark but
that is what you get when it is a snowy day.

Monday, March 18, 2019

It's Time To Get Ready For Spring

A couple of weeks ago while at the dollar store, I purchased the material to make
this cute Spring/ Easter wreath and hung it on the door.
 Even though Spring and Easter are not here yet, I am ready for it. It was snowing today
with flurries off and on.
I found the pansies at Lowes last week and filled the planters, I have to cover them with bags at
night because it is still below 30 degrees.
One more day of cooler temperatures and then it is warming up. I have never been more
ready to see Spring.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Design Project

This is a project hat I started last year in November. The client's guest room has bedding in
the colors of coral and yellows, she asked me to find her a silk in these warm colors and
we picked this Duralee Fabric which came from a company called James Hare from the UK
and just arrived months after we ordered it. I drew up a flat roman for the windows and she
asked me to pick a trim for the bottom of the shade, I went with the Kravet Smart ball fringe
in Dune to go with the Orissa Silk in Hibiscus. I know these drapes will be stunning in the room.