Saturday, August 31, 2013

Iron Antique White Victorian Rockers

At 4:45 yesterday, these four beautiful antique white iron rockers
came into the store.....

Today, I proudly displayed these beauties out on the sidewalk.
They got a lot of attention, they were once on a big front porch
of an old Victorian home decades ago and were sitting in a storage
unit until now. Freshly painted and ready to go to a new home for $250.00 a piece!

And I think I sold these crazy cute Hollywood Regency sconces to
a couple from Fredericksburg.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Came In This week!

I have been very busy lately with the store and my decorating business.
I have not had a lot of time to write on my blog. So, this will be brief, this is
what came in this week.......

Beautiful Victorian sofa and a '50's iron table and chairs......

And a beautiful, made in the USA credenza with a desk drawer, it has to be painted because
of all the scratches and dents and dings. More on that later !

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Curtains, Big Pattern and Making My Own Panels

In my new house, the rental, I fell in love with the high ceilings
and the big windows. One day while reading my emails, I got
one from Jo-Ann Fabrics with a 1/2 off fabric deal and a coupon.
I came across a fabric that looked like something I had seen before,
the colors and the large repeat caught my attention and the fabric was only
$11.99!!!!!!! That is with the sale and the coupon. The sad thing is they
only had 8 yards on line. I figured  I would need at least 16 yards.

After calling the 800# and the customer service person telling me that I
would have to find my fabric at a Jo-Ann's in my area, the local stores
will ship from store to store, and on line you can see who has the fabric
and how much.

 I picked up the next 8 yards in Charottesville at Jo-Ann's, not at the $11.99 price,
but at $17.99 per yard. oh well, too good to be true!

Once I had the fabric in the store and started cutting the fabric, pinning it and started
sewing, it has been a couple of years since I have made my own drapes. I realized
that the pattern is a copy of a Lee Jofa's/ G.P. Baker that I carry in my store and runs
up to $300 a yard. I like my color way better for me, but it does come in other colors.
The copy is by Richloom and is called Whipperwhil.

I hung the drapes/panels finally today. It took getting out the BIG ladder, did I tell
you that I am afraid of heights, climbing up the ladder to attach three brackets with
the drill gun, did I mention that I have 0 upper arm strength? I had to take several
breaks, Elfie hid in the other room but I did it. They are not perfect, but they are up.
Several customers from the store question my techniques, oh well!

The teal/blueish shades came with the house, I am raising them as high as I can but
I don't feel right about removing them. I had very little pattern play in the room until
now. Now I have a lot and this is way out of my comfort zone.

Other walls in the room, reflections of the fabric in the mirror and a close up of
the mantel, even my foo dogs look happy. And by the way, I know I said this house
is very green, this room is a pretty pale shade of yellow, pale in the day and warm
at night.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Move

Thursday was my big moving day. It took four trips back and forth
from the old house to the new house. And anything that could go wrong
has gone wrong. I have lost my phone charger, the washer is not working,
the jets on the pool won't turn on, I can't figure out the air conditioner unit,
Comcast gave me a used cable box and I saw a skunk out side my kitchen

I am up to my eyeballs in boxes, why do I have so much stuff? Elfie is having a
hard time adjusting to the move, he doesn't like the steps and he is very anxious.

This house is very green, green tile, green walls, green wallpaper, green curtains.
My legs are so tired from climbing all the steps and my hands are in knots.
Other than that we are in the house, I am a block and a half from my store.
And I love the house. My son and my ex are coming up tomm. to help me get settled
in and I am making a brunch menu from my new cook book, Tupelo Honey!

The first night I couldn't find anything, I had packed my bags with the things I would
need on the first couple of days, but I was so tired, I couldn't remember which bags
to look in.

Thank goodness for frozen pizza, white wine and idprofin!