Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Natuzzi Showroom in High Point North Carolina

Earlier this month, I went down to High Point with two colleagues to do some training
at the Italian Natuzzi Furniture Show Room. The show room is designed by an Italian
designer named Mario Bellini and is in the shape of a ship.

The inside of the building is hollow in the middle like a hull of a boat and the center has
breeze ways crossing over several times on all three floors.

 Stunning views of the High Point market place from the forth floor.

The Natuzzi company was founded in 1959 in Pulgia Italy Pasquale Natuzzi and he
is still running the business. The Natuzzi Italia line is still made in three small factories
in Italy and the Natuzzi editions is made in other countries. The company treats their own
leathers and has their own style of stitching and dyes.
The higher priced line is the beautiful Italia group with clean lines, soft treated leathers
and a very European feel.

Very realistic back light window views, accessories and lighting.

Natuzzi's new tufted line, one of my favorites and my favorite chair.

The Natuzzi Editions is a lower end line for the company with a lot of the style
crossing over with the designs, but more affordable.

Here are pictures of beautiful bed room sets, leather headboards, the Re- Vive cahirs and
cool mirrors and chairs.

The show room had a cafe and set up meals for us at least twice a day, here are pictures
of the room and the meals being set up.

The food had and Italian flare of coarse and was very good.
The newest piece to the Natuzzi line is the Re - Vive  relaxing chair.. Here each of us
gets to try a chair and learn more about it's over 200 piece mechanism.

New Re - Vive chair with wooden sides and a stylish white leather version.

Before or trip ended, we were sent on a mission before we received our diplomas. Here
we are on assignment studying the different pieces on the floor, even Scarlett and I testing
out a sofa. Fun time had by all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rugs, Old and New, Placing Around the House

New year, new look and a great time to find some
deals on the internet. With a coupon from Wayfair,
I purchased a new rug for the hallway, brighter colors
and a bigger size.

The rug is by Safavieh and helps hide the horrid tile, it's a rental.
The old rug in the hallway went to the downstairs 1st floor
bath room to soften up the floor.

I purchased it from TJ Maxx and it is by Dynamic Rugs. The dressing room rug was
also in the hallway briefly, but it was way to thick and it made it hard to open the front

It is a very pretty virgin wool rug from Tuesday Morning. The bedroom rug went to
the guest room and the guest room rug went to my bedroom. The fit was better and it gives
you a pop of color and warmth without covering the pretty floors.

Both rugs came from TJ Maxx and are  by Safavieh Vintage and Dynamic Rugs.
The large rug in the den is from Wayfair with a good coupon and is also Safavieh
Vintage. I wanted a large rug for this room because i spend a lot of time in here and
wanted most of the floor covered.

 Mandy testing out the rug and photo bombing the picture. The last rugs came from
Ballard design and Target.
The runners from Ballard are thick neutral wool hand hooked rugs from India.
The sisal rug by the door it to catch the dirt from my shoes and matches the kitchen rug
in the next room.The kitchen sisal rug had been in my den for a coupe of years and fits
great here under the table.
It softens the cold tile, again, it's a rental. I took all my Dhuries  into Queen City
Marketplace to sell.