Friday, July 3, 2020

Making Pillows

Earlier this week I finally got to finish a project that I had been putting off.
A couple of weeks ago I got out my sewing machine out and made a pillow
in a discontinued fern fabric to take into my antique space. I had 5 pillow
forms on hand, so this week I finished the last four. There were a few mistakes,
like having the one with the fringe going the wrong way, oops, and realizing
that silk and chenille should not be sewn together. It bunches up! But I got it
done and below are the results.

I took them in today to my space and loaded up the sofa with all these pretty pillows.
You can find the at The Staunton Antique Center.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Summer Blooms

Summer is finally here and I had a chance to walk around my yard and snap
some pictures of what is blooming now.

Lavender, Lilies and Allium.
Mothers day gift from my sister.

Yarrow and Day Lillies
Squash Blossoms
Tomatoes starting to form from a bloom.

More pictures from my back garden and containers. Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers
Day to all those dads.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Celebrating My Sister's Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated my sister Beth 60th birthday, she is the oldest
and we are two years apart. yes, this is scary, I am almost 60.
Her is a picture of the group around my mothers pool. My daughter Ellie came up with
her fiance Wes, in the middle is my sister Beth and my Mom and her husband Ted is to
the right,
Above is my nephew Wyn, B. son, her husband Steve and my Dad. Steve planned ever
thing and wanted it her because it is safer than Richmond were they live. They brought
ever thing so that my Mom  just had to get the yard ready. We had wonderful wines and
delicious apps.

Here we are going to the front porch for cake and ice cream. The top photo is of Beth
and Steve and the bottom photo shows my brother L.H. who arrived late as usual with
his wife Heather. They live in Lynchburg.
 I snapped this cute picture of Ellie and Wes under the arch of a feature in Mom's yard.
Young love, so cute.

A snap shot of the group relaxing on the porch after cupcakes and ice cream and
opening a few gifts. It was so nice to get together during this pandemic, it was almost
as if things were back to normal again.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Summer is Here at Last

Yesterday my Mom asked me to go to a garden farm with her and she asked if she could
bring me some of her peonies.

I filled two vases full of her beautiful flowers, they smell amazing.
My porch and yard are finally in bloom, it has been cold and hot this spring.
We have had lots of rain, it has been very windy and we have been stuck at home.
As we move into faze one and we have finally warmed up I could finally go out
and take pictures of my yard and my porch for you to see.

My beds in the front yard are narrow and small and get morning sun. I have been here
for four years and my flower beds are finally becoming full, with pretty flowers returning
each spring.

I started these beds with seeds I bought at Walmart and then I started planting things
that would come back each year like the pretty pincushion plant above.

My flowers have brought me happiness and peace in this crazy sad year. My porch
has been my escape from the news on tv , the deaths, and the sadness.

If you look closely at my planters, they have forks sticking up in them. I had a squirrel
digging up my flowers in my planters, so I googled what to do about this. They dig
in the dirt to hide their food, I would come out in the morning and my plants would
be all dug up and dirt was everywhere. Very frustrating, I was told to sprinkle red pepper
flacks on top of the dirt as well as cayenne pepper and to stick forks with prongs up to
keep the squirrels out of the planters. I have done all of this and so far it has worked.

This year I added a fern to the porch, I love the soft green color and I bought a lemon tree
and some lettuces.

I will post more pictures as things begin to bloom. Stay safe and stay well.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Before and After of My Dining Room Chairs

While I am stuck at home, I have been going through my fabrics
that are part of my decorating business and checking prices and pulling
the ones that are no longer available. Some of these fabrics are beautiful
and can be used for any decorating project, I started grouping them in color
or print groups of five and have had great success listing them on ebay for
,99 cents. Check out my store under my name.

 In this process, I came upon a pretty chenille fabric with a water pattern, tone on tone,
and it sent me to the Robert Allen outlet website. I noticed that this fabric was also
in other colors, I loved the color frost, I needed three yards, two seats can be done with
one yard. There was 3.5 yards available, perfect, I saved an extra ten percent by buying
the entire bolt. The fabric came earlier this week and I went to town on this project. Here
is my journey.

I popped the seats out.
This is the original fabric that the chairs came in, they are Italian and came from Greenfront.
Some where there is a matching table and breakfront. they were all in my office at my old

The peach fabric was chosen for my office, the leaf Larsen fabric was on my old chairs,
my ex keep them. When I switched them for the lighter chairs, I keep my fabric because
at the time I loved it, twenty years later, it was time for a change.

 Here is the fabric, can you see the pattern, it is very subtle pattern. I went to
Walmart and got a off white muslin to cover the original fabric on the seats before
I put the new fabric on so that the colors would not bleed through. I was affraid to
remove the original cover because I wasn't sure what was underneath it.
Everyone must be sewing because the fabric section was whipped out.
So here is the before and after, sorry the before is a little blurry. But what a difference
it makes, the room is so much lighter and brighter.