Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Window for Queen City Marketplace

Last Monday I worked on a new Spring window
for Queen City Marketplace......

I pulled bright colorful Spring like things from as many of the Vendors I could find.

After this cold winter, we needed a bright, fresh new look to get us ready for a warm

 I pulled bright pillows, Easter baskets, asparagus plates, bright china, Easter outfits,
anything in a pastel color.

And it worked, we have attracted customers to come into the store because of the
windows and we have also sold thing out of the windows. Just a small change to
attract business.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Orchids in Bloom

Even if it is cold outside, I have orchids in bloom inside
the house.

The orchid in the front room is beautiful.

The orchid on my dressing table that I enjoy each morning as I put
my makeup on, it has been blooming all month.
This orchid in the study will be opening up soon.

And in the kitchen I have one orchid that is slowly coming along and two amaryllis
that will open up soon as well. While it is slowly warming up to Spring and flowers
outside. I am blessed with a warm home and beautiful blooms inside!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Queen City Marketplace

Last week we set up the third floor here at
Queen City Marketplace in Staunton as a
staging area for local real estate people to
come in and rent the furniture and accessories
that we have here for their staging homes and
projects. We will charge a rental fee, 2 month
min., for the items. We will have our mover, Bruce,
do the pick up and delivery. Just another way for us
to make a little money...