Monday, March 25, 2013

Will We Ever See Spring?

Yesterday, while I was walking Elfie, it started sleeting. By the time we got home, it
was snowing. So I spent another, my only day off, stuck inside by the fire watching
The Real Housewives and Food network. Will Spring ever get here? They say that
we are supposed to have extreme heat and drought this summer. I will believe it
when I see it.............
This is the Dixie Theater that is directly across the street from my store. This theater was built
in 1913, a hundred years ago and is in the works of being renovated by the Staunton Performing
Arts. Does it look like these guys are laughing at the snow? I think they are.
Architect- John Eberson

 Parking lot and a peak of Mary Baldwin College at the top of the picture.
What a way to start a Monday, at least the lights are on and the road is clear. This is looking
up the hill of Beverely Street towards Gospel Hill..............
The roof of the Arcadia building, again across the street from me and this will also be
part of the Staunton Performing Arts Center in the future. Love the Gothic style of the

 Pictures of Downtown Historic Staunton and pictures looking out side my store windows.
I was trying to get a picture of the snow flakes, they are to fast for me. Maybe next Monday I will
post Spring pictures, after all it will be April first or April Fools Day.
reference- Historic Downtown Staunton Virginia

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fabric Covered Tables

Last summer, in July I think, I posted abut fixing up my dining room. I ripped up the carpet,
painted the walls a soft yellow, changed out the art work and drove to Richmond to pick up
a side board I bought at auction. The last final touch was a table topper for my fabric covered
table. After searching, and searching, I decided on a fun Ikat print that had all the colors that
I wanted in the room.

This is a Duralee fabric that had been discontinued and the website didn't have enough fabic
left to make the right sized topper, Six yards. I called the 1 800 # and the sales girl searched
for two days until she found me the yards I needed on a bolt in the same die lot. I love it, think
of Spring and Easter. Lovely!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What came In On Friday (hint-Christian Dior)

Here is a hint of what came in on Friday................
Eight vintage hand made hats came in, they belonged to a friends mom.
Hats from Roanoke Virginia, Richmond Virginia, places like Mille Roads
and Heironinus's, Horne's and Irving Saks.
Designed by Lisa of New York and Paris, Karo of New York, Sara Sue
and Christian Dior of New York and Paris.

I worked for Miller and Roads in Downtown Richmond before they closed.
I was in charge of the front windows and borrowed hats all the time for the
displays. Oh and by the way, I am now blocked out of my website.
Can't catch a break! 

Big Move For My Website

Big changes in the store the past couple of weeks! I have rearranged the store for Spring. I have
started on a pair of new cornices for my Harrisonburg client. See the pretty Duralee fabric and trim
above that we are using. She painted her room a soft yellow with white trim and shutters, white bedding
and green and yellow accents. Very fresh.
I have also been working with my new web guy, Caleb with Embry media, he is great. We now have
everything on one site, my website, I now have everything on there.
My Etsy shop, my Pinterest page, new arrivals in my store and now my blog. So what do I do with
this blog site and you, my faithful followers? I don't want to loose you, I can keep blogging on both. I
will loose sponsors too. If anyone has any suggestions,please let me know what I should do.