Monday, September 29, 2014

PAC'n the Streets, Staunton, Virginia

I just realized that I never posted the pictures of an
event I worked on that happened on September 13th.
The second annual PAC'n the Streets here in Staunton
Virginia.We closed off two blocks downtown with a
full lineup of talent on a stage, craft and food vendors
and a beer and wine garden. So, here we go.....

Despite some early showers, we had a pretty good turn out, I would say
about 2,000 people.

Our first year was to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Staunton's Dixie
Theater, this year the event was about raising money and awareness for The
Staunton Performing Arts Center.

Great entertainment for a September Saturday!

The end, until next year.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Food Freedom Fest

Last night, here in Staunton, Va., we had the start
of the farm to fork Food Freedom Fest. The kick  off
started at 6 o'clock in the block right in front of my store.
While they were setting up the stage, the food, and the vendors,
I met my friend at the Yelping Dog Wine and Cheese shop for
a glass of wine. We bought some wine, cheese and crackers while
we were there and took it down to my store to watch the event from
my front windows in the air conditioning.

They had a big Farm Bus, music, food and farming information. There was a cocktail
reception at Zynodoa Restaurant, there food is 80 % farm to fork, for Joel Salatin of
Polyface Farm and he was the opening speaker on stage in front of my store. I met a
beautiful women, a friend of my friend's, Martha Boneta, who joined us in my store
for a glass of wine. She is a farmer and a big part of the farming movement and one of the
speakers today at The Stonewall Jackson Hotel were the event continues before a visit
to Polyface Farm. There are more pictures on my Facebook page (Margaret McElroy) and
Instagram (MMCELROY313).