Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Shopping Spree

Last week I took a rainy morning off and went on a little shopping spree. The pictures are
not great, but you get the zest. i was on a mission for a straw summer bag. I went back to
Ross for Less to see a cute straw bag I had seen there before, it was gone. But I did find a
few cute tops on clearance.
This sheer top is so cute and at $8.95 it is a steal.

Here is the cute denim shirt, me wearing it new and after it was washed and not ironed. Really
cute sleeves, love the embroidery and tassels. And I scored a cute pair of black sandles.
 I did find the perfect straw bag that I had seen before at Target, it is very cute and made well.
I also scored some clearance jewelry at TJ Maxx, I am a girl that loves a steal. 14KT drop
earrings in a blue stone, 14kt gold hoop earrings and a pretty mint jade and clear quartz necklace
that brings reflection, grounding, and comfort.

Enough spending for now, the first is near and bills are due!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Storms

Each evening is has rained, 1/2 - 1" of a down pore each evening. Everything is so green.
Even though the heat has arrived, we get a down pour each day.

 Here are pictures of the storm rolling in. And the doves on the potting shed roof. I need a better
lens for close ups.

Monday, June 4, 2018

What I Did On My Day Off

Last week I worked on Monday, Memorial Day, for our big Bassett sale.
So, Wednesday was my day off. I went and got a pedi and a mani.
It was so relaxing, and long. The guy that did my manicure even put my shoes on me.
I went to TJ Maxx to return a pair of pants and came out with sandals for my pretty toes
and Skinnygirl undies. The undies are very comfortable, they hold you in and they are
Then I headed over to Charlottesville to pick up outdoor pillow forms for a client and spent
a little time shopping. I found a Nina Cambell boudoir pillow at Stien Mart and her latest
book on sale.
Got caught in the rain at Home Goods and World Market, but still found some birthday

Fun way to spend my day off, now back to work.