Thursday, October 30, 2014

More New Pieces, All large and Hand Carved

A while back, I received an email from a lady in Harrisonburg
that had some very large family pieces that she wanted me to sell
for her. They were in the garage of the house that she had just sold.
I guess they were not going to her new home. So after I rearranged the
whole first floor of my store, I had five oversize pieces coming in. I
also sold a wicker bench, the caned bench I refurbished and the large
dining room table. Funny how that happens. We made room were
we could. I will start of with the Lion hand carved hall tree.....

All that hand carved detail, three lions heads and a bench too. This must have
come from one hell of a house. Next we have the oak wardrobe, 9 separate
pieces that all fit together with thong and groove and pegs.

A light wood full poster bed came from my neighbors yard sale, all these pieces
are great things to list on my Ebay sight and Etsy site.

This is a great bed for painting or refinishing, at $150.00, a steal! Now back to the
big furniture delivery. A six panel, hand painted Chinese screen. Painted on the
front and back with a great Chinoiserie scene.

 Next is a very large side board. Hand carved legs with lots of detail and very long
in length not a lot of houses can use something of this size.

Another consigner brought in a Victorian sample wood bed that his wife bought
at an auction years ago. I tell you, the things these people collect. These beds were
shown to buyers as a sample of what the real custom made bed would look like,
the smaller size made it easier to travel with for the salesman.

I also had someone bring in a roll of canvas that has, as it says, genuine hand
print "Aubusson"  dining room chair seat covers. Seven total, you cut along
the white edged and them staple the pattern to the bottom of your chair. Way
to cool.

That's all for now, till there is something else to blog about.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last Weeks Floor Move and What Came in Tuesday

Last week I totally rearranged the entire floor of the store.
I started with the windows and worked my way back, setting
pretty table to get people in the mood for the holidays. It worked,
I sold the 80 something set of Dogwood china out of the window
and the large dining room table in the middle of the store sold.
Nothing like a little refresher to move things along!

Today I had a neighbor bring in a treasure trove of goodies from the left overs
from his yard sale last weekend. Some of these things have been in his house
for three generations.

 I love, love love the chintz cabbage rose slipper chair and the cobalt blue
glass ware.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hillwood Historic Home and Gardens of Marjorie Merriweather Post

Yesterday, I closed up my shop and took a day trip to D.C. with my mother's garden
club. About 40 women, including my mom, my aunt, my sister and two cousins, took
a large bus up to Washinton, D.C. to see the estate, Hillwood, the home of the late
Marjorie Merriweather Post. It was a beautiful day for this, perfect weather. This home
is in the heart of D.C. on an ample plot of land. The house as you see above was one
of Marjorie's homes, her favorite and the last place she lived. We started of at the
information center with lunch before we went on our garden tour.

Mrs. Merryweather bought Hillwood in 1955 and sits on twenty-five acres
with serene landscape gardens and natural woodlands with the home, greenhouses
and other outside buildings.

  One of her must haves was to have fresh flowers threw out the house at all
times. Above you see the cutting garden.

The gardens around the house were exquisite, beautiful garden sculptures and a
view of the Washington Monument.

The actual front of the house is not the first picture I posted, it is in the later pictures
and faces the monument and Washington from up high on the hill.

Just a few more garden pictures and then we venture inside for more pictures of the
beautiful home.

Inside the house she had pictures of her grandchildren playing in these gardens. You
will notice that I take several pictures of the light fixtures, and the draperies, and the
chairs. It is just in my decorating blood!

Sorry that the pictures are a little dark, no flashes allowed in side. This house is so
beautiful. She was quite the collector!

Mrs. Post had one of the largest collections of Russian imperial Art, French Decorative
art, Faberge Eggs and Sevres Porcelain.

Marjorie Merriweather Post was known for her lavish parties and was quite the
entertainer. She also furnished her home with beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, paintings
and such. She also had a large collection of Cartier custom jewelry that is  on display
here and shown on her in some of her portraits.

Mrs. Post was the heiress to the Post Cereal Company , that she ran and later it become
General Foods. She introduced America to frozen food. She was married four times and
had several daughters, one being the actress Dina Merrill. The last picture is of my clan
that made this great trip. I am on the end to the right next to my mom and sister.