Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vintage Onion Dome Birdcage

Yesterday, after work, I went to meet a new consigner. This lady has quite the collection.
The lovely large onion dome birdcage above is one of about 75 birdhouses and birdcages
she has in her modest 1,500 sq foot house.

This metal and wood birdcage still has it's two feed trays and a removeable tray on the bottom.
I listed it on Etsy along with some other things to help my sales until business picks up. I wrote
down at least two pages worth of things that will be coming in from this house. She will have a
private estate sale first and then the rest will come to me. I will post pictures when the come in.
here is a teaser, losts of hutches and corner cupboards, wreaths antique chairs, all in a very
country look.
In the mean time ,I have a hand full of decorating jobs going on that are keeping me busy!

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