Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Marbleized Pumpkins and More

I have been following a blog, Simple Details, on how to marble pumpkins.

The blue ones turned out better than the orange ones and it is easier to do with smaller
pumpkins. You drop a little nail polish into a bucket of warm water and dip the pumpkins into
it and there you have it. The pumpkins are half off at Michaels and I got the nail polish at
Here are my Fall porch decorations. the door basket I made came from the Dollar Store
and the pumpkins with garland came from Big Lots. And this beautiful Mum came from
my mother and sister.
One big decision I made after submitting my financials to a bank was that after almost
two years at The Factory Antique Mall, I am not making any money. I am actually losing
money, so I am slowly pulling things out.

My lease is up at the end of November, I probably spend more out there on purchases
and rent than I make. Time to make changes, save a little money.
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