Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Little Bit About My Christmas

 My Christmas started on Monday. My children drove up from Richmond so that
we could spend some time together exchanging gifts, sipping champagne and catching
up. Real conversations without communicating by text. There was also a piece I had in
storage, a desk , that my daughter needed for her office. I have so much in storage now
from when I left Queen City that I was glad to  let her have it.

 I cannot have a tree in this house, there is no room, so I select my favorite ornaments
and have them placed around the house. Here is the den....

A votive that was a gift and a caroler I brought back from Stockholm.

More votive, a candle from the line I carry and a nativity scene.
My kitchen table.

Christmas cards in the dining room and pretty ornaments on the table.

Decorations on my French tables in my small front hall.

Decorating and presents in the living room.
An amazing Smoked Trout Spread that I made to enjoy with champagne.

I am reading a cookbook, Ann Green Good Taste, that I received as a gift from my Mom last
night at our Christmas dinner. Very clean healthy cooking.

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