Monday, December 3, 2018

It's Time to Start Decorating for Christmas

  I was waiting for the end of November and the first of December to take all
the Fall decorations down and start my Christmas decorating. It is a fun slow
process that really sets the tone for a warm and seasonal house, all tucked in for
the winter months with a little sparkle and glitter.

  Last Monday I went on a search for some Paper Whites, I had seen some at my local
Foodlion, potted and blooming but they had fallen over. So I went by Honey Bee Florist
and asked the owner to order me some potted Paper Whites and went by to day to pick them
up. i had several to pick from and she even added some moss to cover the dirt.

  Today I also went by Big Lots to look at their Christmas decorations, I was looking for
some fake greenery picks and found these.

I needed some thing to act as a starter for my urns at my front door, I already have the existing
ivy, I just wanted to add to it with some greens for Christmas.

I remembered that my Mom lost a lot tree limbs during our last ice storm and had offered me
some of her Magnolia, so Mandy and I went over to my Mom's to clip some greens. I got the
Magnolia with the red seeded pods and some of her Mahonia Holly and filled the back of my car.
I was pretty happy with the results, I may leave them as they are or latter add a bow.

I also found some Christmas place mats at TJ Maxx to put me in the mood.
More on this Christmas decorating adventure latter.

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