Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Projects for the End of the Year

I went over to Ross Stores to get a large marbleized tray that I had seen to help organize
my work station/ my den were I do most of my decorating work and my Ebay selling. I also
found the cute little Lucite tray to organize my pens and scissors.

It is time to reupholster and paint this ottoman that I bought from Big lots years ago. The fabric I
found on Robert Allen's Outlet and now I need to find 4 1/2 yards of trim to go with it. And speaking
of upholstering, I had my upholster, Marvin Courtney of Courtney's Upholstery, redo this pretty
Martha Washington Chair I bought from a thrift store in a vintage toile fabric I bought from a vendor
at QCM.

You can see the before in my posts of my spaces in the Nov. 9th 2017 post picture 8 and 9 in
the stripe fabric and front and center in the post March 8th 2018. The vendor is Nanny June Vintage.
This is my fabric stash that desperately needs organizing, my daughter says that it makes
me look like a hoarder and I finally found a shade at Ross, a Style Craft Shade, for my brass
lamp so that I can list it for sale.

Last thing to write about and this is a big one.

I sold this book on Ebay today and I wanted to see where it is going and the name of the buyer
is Eddie Ross, shipping to Pennsylvania to EddieRossLLC, what? Is this the famous Eddie Ross
the decorator, I had to Google Eddie Ross LLC to find out. I was right, I just sold my book to the
dercorator Eddie Ross, I have followed him like forever. This made my day.

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