Monday, July 1, 2019

Friday Storms

Last Friday around 5 pm, a storm came rolling in with lightning. The temperature
dropped and Mandy and I went out on the to watch  the storm come through. I snapped
a few pictures of what is blooming now.
The storm from my porch, after this picture it really got dark fast.
I snagged some roses from the house next door for the porch.

Blooms from bulds I picked up from Big Lots, like the Gladiola.

These plants come back from last year.
My tomato plants are growing like crazy.

The Yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace from last year.
I spotted a cute little snail on a leaf and a hummingbird flew up on the porch near us,
but I couldn't get to the camera in time. Happy July!

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