Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Funniest Post Ever

So I bought some new makeup recently and got my hair cut yesterday.
I read a lot of blogs were they talk about their new makeup, their makeup
routine, and they post these great pictures of themselves. So I tried to talk
pictures of myself with my new makeup and my new hair cut. Let's just
say that a lot of the pictures were deleted. I don't know how they do it,
I cannot afford to have a  real photographer come in and take pictures for
my posts so this is a funny look at how I did.

I was trying to show my eye makeup which is Covergirls Tru Naked Nudes eye shadow.

I was trying to show my hair cut here, which I am growing out for my daughters wedding
next year. I want it to be shoulders length or chin length. I look like a goof ball, they say
to look up in pictures so that you don't see the double chin. The lipstick is Madelline Truffle
Tease and the blush is Milani in Romantic Rose.

#1 Covergirl Tru Naked Nudes Eye Shadow
#2 Mabelline Truffle Tease Lip Stick (this is pretty long lasting)
#3 Milani Romantic Rose Blush (it comes in the shape of a rose) 

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