Friday, January 12, 2018

A Vacation/ Holiday Saturday

Over the Holiday, I had several days off between Christmas and New Years.
The Saturday before New Years Eve, I set out to drive to Dayton to the Dayton
Farmers Market to pick up my lamp fixtures from my lighting guy at Lone Pine
Lighting. As I started up Route 11 I soon realized that this area had gotten more
snow than the slight dusting we had received. The farmers market was packed, I
picked up my lamps and walked around the indoor market. They have the Amish
Cheese Shop, where I got some cheeses, dried Saffron and dried Ginger. They have
a kitchen shop, homemade fudge, ice cream, a sandwich shop and a deli. It was so
packed at lunch time that I decided to go back to Bridgewater to a little restaurant
that I had read about called Jalapeno. This is a cute industrial style restaurant with
a skating rink next to it including fire pits and lots of families. I had my first and best
ever Cuban sandwich in this cute cozy bar style Restaurant, I posted a picture of it on
my Instagram page. On my way back to Staunton, I stopped in Verona at some of my
favorite thrift/ antique shops and hit the jack pot. Here is what I found.
A beautiful Asian hand painted vase with pretty colors.
This colorful floral hand painted Italian vase.
A very tall yellow vase with a Chinese style scene.

I had seen these Chinoiserie prints before Christmas and they were still there waiting
for me, it was meant to be and they gave me a discount.
And last but not least, the peacock vase,

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Decorations Around My House

This year, instead of gracing my house with a cumbersome tree, I took my favorite ornaments
and spread them around in the house in bowls, containers and adorning mirrors.

The ornaments are in almost every room, so were ever I am, I see Christmas, not just on
a tree.


I even have three orchids starting to bloom in the kitchen.

I will probably spend months finding Christmas all over the house because it is in almost every
room. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Changing my Decorations from Fall to Winter

I couldn't look at my Fall decorations another day. So I ordered some moss balls and a
wreath from Save On Crafts, these decorations will be the start to my Winter decorations.
I will wait until after Thanksgiving to start adding more Christmas garland to the pieces.
I want to stick hollies and berries at the base of the balls and maybe some holly picks to the wreath
and snow like features after Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

All Day Floor Move at Queen City Marketplace

With the coming of the holidays, Staunton's Sparkles and Sweets tomorrow night and Black
Friday just weeks away, it is time to refresh my space to get ready for these events.
 Halloween is now on sale and front and center.
I started to bring Christmas in and it has been selling.

By moving things around, I have opened up my spaces and refreshed the look.

I didn't move any major pieces, but shifted chairs and tables around to make room for
the pieces coming from the factory space that i am closing down. Note the vintage bar
cart that I have added.

I wanted everything to look bright, pretty  and sparkly for the up events. Each week, I
can continue to add more holiday items.

And last but not least, I purchased this High Boy off of the market place on Facebook. It
is a newer reproduction and needs some work, but is still very impressive.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Exploring Antique Shops and Kitchen in Ruckersville

A customer of mine suggested that I check out Jack's Shop Kitchen in Ruckersville up Route29.
The first floor is a gourmet lunch spot with a chef. I had the turkey cobb salad that was yummy.

This is three shops in one building, the eat in on the main floor. Number two would be
the antique shop on the second floor called Green House Shops.

The third shop is an antique shop in the basement called Gateway Antique Center, more shared antique booths with very unique booths, each turn of a corner reviles more great treasures.

And on my way home going back up 29, I had to stop in to Ruckersville Antiques, a large upscale
antique space with a beautiful display of all kinds of goodies, anything from furniture, to jewelry, to

What did I buy?

This beautiful small French chair for under $20.00.

This vintage mirror for under $20.00
This beautiful blue hand made vase for my Mom for her birthday in November.
 12 pieces of Limoge dessert and luncheon plates for under $14.00.
Mini hand porcelain vases for under $3.00.
A porcelain painted cake knife and two really funky lamps, with a two way light.
Top light bulb under the shade and the lanterns also light up.
Great day for shopping, well worth the trip!