Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day

Nothing says Happy valentines day like flowers. So I picked up a mixed bouquet at my
local grocery store on the way home from work the other day. One Red Rose, a few Carnations,

a little Fressia, lots of Daisies and beautiful pink Lilies that are still opening up. Well
worth the $5.99.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Drapery Install Day

This morning I did a drapery install that has been in the works for almost a year. We had to
wait for the renovations to be done. This is the last doctors house at the old Western State
Hospital that is now called The Villages. The panels were made for the living room and the
dining room. My client loves florals and bright colors. We chose this print from Duralee fabrics
called Kingsmill in Colonial. The drapes transformed these large windows adding color and
warmth to the rooms. More to come on this project.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Shopping Local

This past week i made some purchases at a couple of local businesses.
I found theses Limoge plates at the consignment shop in Waynesboro,
Twice As Nice.

And this cake plate by Royal Kent, England.
I have listed them on Ebay and they will go in my antique space when I have room.
I also have had some luck finding good pieces on Facebook Marketplace, where local
people sell there stuff, so I picked up these two mirrors for a steal.

Oval frame for a mirror.

This beautiful Trudeau Mirror. I have them listed on Ebay as they are, but will later fix them
up and get mirrors for them to put in my spaces. You can find some really good deals if you
shop local.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Welcome January

While I had a week off from work, I went by The Staunton Antique Center to check on my space
and take some pictures. It helps me see what has sold, how my space looks and find the things that
I have listed on Ebay that may have sold.

It might be a good time for some tweeking, I could go by and clean it up a little bit.
After Christmas, I meet my siblings in Charlottesville for lunch at Travinia. After lunch
some of us wanted to do a little shopping so we went to Leftover Luxuries. My mom
bought some jewelry and my sister and I bought paintings. Below are pictures of my painting.

I had seen it this summer and now it is 50% off the price, so I splurged. This past
Sunday we went back to Charlottesville for diner on the downtown mall to Fitzroys,
it was delicious. Before dinner, I went down early for a little shopping, here is what I found
at Stein Mart.

I fell in love with this jacket and I am in need of some new pillow cases. I prefer 700 thread count.
I needed a new pair of tennis shoes with more support, I found these at DSW on sale.
These pretty earrings came from a store on the downtown mall named O' Suzannah.
Okay, no more spending for a while. My next big project is my dining room and I have
several clients with projects that I am getting back to in the next several months.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Projects for the End of the Year

I went over to Ross Stores to get a large marbleized tray that I had seen to help organize
my work station/ my den were I do most of my decorating work and my Ebay selling. I also
found the cute little Lucite tray to organize my pens and scissors.

It is time to reupholster and paint this ottoman that I bought from Big lots years ago. The fabric I
found on Robert Allen's Outlet and now I need to find 4 1/2 yards of trim to go with it. And speaking
of upholstering, I had my upholster, Marvin Courtney of Courtney's Upholstery, redo this pretty
Martha Washington Chair I bought from a thrift store in a vintage toile fabric I bought from a vendor
at QCM.

You can see the before in my posts of my spaces in the Nov. 9th 2017 post picture 8 and 9 in
the stripe fabric and front and center in the post March 8th 2018. The vendor is Nanny June Vintage.
This is my fabric stash that desperately needs organizing, my daughter says that it makes
me look like a hoarder and I finally found a shade at Ross, a Style Craft Shade, for my brass
lamp so that I can list it for sale.

Last thing to write about and this is a big one.

I sold this book on Ebay today and I wanted to see where it is going and the name of the buyer
is Eddie Ross, shipping to Pennsylvania to EddieRossLLC, what? Is this the famous Eddie Ross
the decorator, I had to Google Eddie Ross LLC to find out. I was right, I just sold my book to the
dercorator Eddie Ross, I have followed him like forever. This made my day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Little Bit About My Christmas

 My Christmas started on Monday. My children drove up from Richmond so that
we could spend some time together exchanging gifts, sipping champagne and catching
up. Real conversations without communicating by text. There was also a piece I had in
storage, a desk , that my daughter needed for her office. I have so much in storage now
from when I left Queen City that I was glad to  let her have it.

 I cannot have a tree in this house, there is no room, so I select my favorite ornaments
and have them placed around the house. Here is the den....

A votive that was a gift and a caroler I brought back from Stockholm.

More votive, a candle from the line I carry and a nativity scene.
My kitchen table.

Christmas cards in the dining room and pretty ornaments on the table.

Decorations on my French tables in my small front hall.

Decorating and presents in the living room.
An amazing Smoked Trout Spread that I made to enjoy with champagne.

I am reading a cookbook, Ann Green Good Taste, that I received as a gift from my Mom last
night at our Christmas dinner. Very clean healthy cooking.